All of Us Are Dead Remixes Carrie’s Most Iconic Scene


Netflix’s Korean zombie series All of Us Are Dead paid homage to Carrie’s most iconic scene, remixing it but making it just as dark and emotional.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead Season 1, now streaming on Netflix.

One of the most famous horror movies is from 1976 Carrie, which adapted Stephen King’s haunting novel about a young girl who fights back after being bullied. Sissy Spacek was very impressed as the titular character, who finally decided to embrace her telekinesis and make a statement after years of abuse.

Interestingly, Netflix’s Korean zombie series, we are all deadpays homage to Carriethe most iconic scene from, remixing it with a main character wanting revenge for also being bullied.

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Carrie goes crazy during prom night at Carrie

Carrie broke down at prom when she was tricked into becoming queen. The bullies lured her onto the stage, then poured pig’s blood on her as part of the prank, not realizing she would go haywire with her powers. Carrie then proceeded to tear the place apart with her mind, damaging the lights, starting a fire, and locking everyone inside. She didn’t care who was good or bad. Everyone – teachers and students – had to pay, because the people who did nothing to help her tragic high school life were complicit. This culminated in her returning home to finish work on her mother, Margaret, who tortured her with religious fanaticism over the years.

we are all dead had her own Carrie in Min Eun-ji, a shy young girl, who was repeatedly abused by bullies, possibly even sexually. It was heavily implied when they recorded her topless, promising to leak the tape if she didn’t do what they said, more or less making her a slave.

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Like Carrie, she became depressed and even tried to kill herself, only for a classmate to try to stop her. She eventually left to find a phone after the zombies invaded the school, only to get bitten and become a hybrid. This granted him the power to heal quickly and walk among zombies while retaining his human side. Through the infection, his fear manifested into rage, making him crave blood. Eventually, she was given the option to leave, but Eun-ji returned to light a lab on fire as she didn’t want anyone to survive.

She was blinded by anger, just like Carrie, and felt like it was black karma. She recalled how the teachers blamed her and ignored the bullying, as well as how her classmates were afraid to stand up for her. She enjoyed burning down the system, basking in revenge as she rode her bicycle towards Hyosan’s heart.

Admittedly, the execution proceeded differently in Carrie because the sprinklers at Hyosan High put out the fire, but the same spirit of revenge was there. Eun-ji didn’t care who was still alive to fight for their life, who was undead or who was innocent. Eun-ji totally broke down, hoping that chaos would purge the place and reset a school that was only causing her immense pain. It was another sympathetic and uplifting tale that turned a quiet girl into a villain, reminding bullies and non-bullies alike that when the super-powered lose patience, the collateral damage will be high.

Find out how Min Eun-ji becomes a zombie Carrie in season 1 of we are all deadnow streaming on Netflix.

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