BBC Countryfile fans slam ‘disappointing’ scene which made them ‘sad’


BBC Countryfile fans were crushed by a scene with a calf on Sunday night.

Matt Baker has learned that newborn calves are immediately removed from their mothers during the weekend installment.

Alice revealed: “This one was born at nine o’clock last night and the other two at four o’clock this morning.”

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“They’re fine, but obviously not with mom,” Matt pointed out.

Alice explained: “Ideally we remove them as soon as possible.

“We let the mother cow lick the calf because it’s very important to release the pheromones in the cow’s brain, it helps with pain relief.”

Pickle wrote: “Countryfile is on the move, showing newborn calves snatched from their mothers and put in a pen, boys fattened and slaughtered, girls enslaved by the dairy industry. There was a dairy farm near from my last house, you could see the little calves in cages. It makes me so sad”

Sarah H said: “Very disappointed to see #countryfile highlighting the practice of removing calves at birth. Calves must stay with their mothers until weaned.”

Jane Ward fumed: “Why the hell would you take calves off their mothers? Profit? Profit? Profit? #countryfile”

“Because people drink milk,” Nature Pips commented.

Dawn McKenna replied: “Dairy cows are very bad mothers. They often kill or abandon the calves and generally do not feed them. A calf needs colostrum to have an immune system. That is why.

Dawn added: “Not all cows produce quality colostrum or allow a calf to suckle after birth. By taking a calf, the breeder can provide consistent colostrum, ensure the calf gets it, and protect it from neglect or abuse. Dairy cows are not maternal at all.”

Karen said: “Oh OK. I thought the calf and the cow were very distressed when they were separated. Apparently the two were crying for each other”

Dawn replied, “No, there are videos of farmers like TDF walking around with calves because the cow is too busy eating to even notice or care. They will literally drop a calf in a puddle of mud to freeze it in. The calves do not card as long as they are fed and placed in the calf barn with all amenities.”

“You may have seen beef cows, they are maternal,” she continued.

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