BBC Peaky Blinders Shock Moments: Tragic Deaths in Sex Scene


Peaky Blinders comes to its thrilling conclusion tonight (April 3), as the long-running drama’s final series airs on BBC One.

Viewers are eagerly waiting to find out what will happen to Tommy Shelby – and whether Michael Gray will get revenge on his cousin once and for all.

Since the series debuted over a decade ago, Peaky Blinders has both thrilled and shocked fans with some of the most brutal and heartbreaking moments.

From tragic deaths to brutal attacks and unexpectedly racy scenes, Peaky Blinders delivered jaw-dropping scenes that viewers will never forget.

Ahead of the story’s final episode, Daily Star takes a look at some of Peaky Blinders’ most shocking and brutal moments.

Grace Shelby dies in Tommy’s arms

Tommy Shelby married Grace Burgess in series three

As soon as the first episode of Peaky Blinders aired, viewers were captivated by the simmering romantic tension between Tommy Shelby and undercover agent Grace Burgess.

Although the downfall of the Shelbys was planned, Grace went against her duty and fell in love with Tommy – eventually marrying the fearless head of the Shelby family.

After welcoming a son called Charlie, the couple tied the knot in the famous third series opener, with Tommy warning his family in a now-famous scene that there should be “No f*****g of fights”.

Grace Shelby was unexpectedly killed at a party
Grace Shelby was unexpectedly killed at a party

A steamy wedding night and their happiness was short-lived, however, as Grace was targeted by an Italian gunman and killed at a party with her husband.

She collapsed and died in Tommy’s arms, in one of the show’s most brutal and heartbreaking moments to date – leaving viewers in floods of tears.

Grace has since appeared as a cameo in series five and six, with many wondering if Tommy will die and be reunited with his late wife in the final episode.

John Shelby is shot

John Shelby was shot by the Italian Mafia in the fourth series
John Shelby was shot by the Italian Mafia in the fourth series

Tommy’s brother, John Shelby, was a prominent figure in the family, who, like Grace, was targeted by Italian mob boss Luca Changretta.

John walked out of his home he shared with his wife Esme, only to meet his end in a hail of bullets in a bloody and brutal scene.

As brave John Shelby tried to save his wife and defend their home, it was too late and he died shortly after, leaving family members, including Michael and Polly, devastated.

Speaking about leaving the show, John Shelby actor Joe Cole told Metro: “I’ve spent the last few years turning down gang-related shows because when a show does well, a lot comes up.

“I actually chose to leave Peaky Blinders because I wanted to explore new avenues, new characters, and new stories.”

Tommy Shelby shoots Alfie Solomons

Many viewers thought Alfie Solomons was dead
Many viewers thought Alfie Solomons was dead

The business relationship between Tommy Shelby and mobster Alfie Solomons has been one of Peaky Blinders’ most popular stories.

However, after Alfie betrayed Tommy in the fourth series, the Peaky Blinder chased the mobster to a beach in Margate for a tense confrontation.

Alfie demanded Tommy kill him, and after shooting the first one, Tommy quickly pulled out a gun and fired back at Alfie, leaving many viewers to think the fan-favorite character was dead.

The shock death was a blow to viewers, but thankfully their sadness was short-lived as Alfie wasn’t dead after all and returned to save Tommy from the mob.

He has since made an appearance in the series finale where he told Tommy he wanted to write an opera, but what role he will play in Tommy’s final hours has yet to be revealed.

Michael Gray places a curse on Tommy alongside Aunt Polly

Michael Gray asked Aunt Polly to put a spell on Tommy Shelby
Michael Gray asked Aunt Polly to put a spell on Tommy Shelby

One of the most shocking moments that no one saw coming was Aunt Polly helping Michael Gray put a spell on his cousin Tommy.

A hesitant Aunt Polly, who has always watched over the family, seemed reluctant to go ahead with the plan, but Michael insisted.

She instead warned him – “If you do this thing, the possibility of war, you have to take that into account”, to which Michael replied: “It was one man’s ambitions and strategies that caused this”, referring to Tommy.

Viewers wonder if Tommy Shelby will die in the final episode
Viewers wonder if Tommy Shelby will die in the final episode

Aunt Polly then pricked Michael’s finger for the blood to fall out, saying, “There will be a war in this family – And one of you will die.”

A flashback to the scene recently aired in the penultimate episode of the series finale, before Michael declared he was going to kill Tommy once and for all.

After a series of hardships and heartaches for Tommy Shelby, including the loss of his daughter Ruby, it seems Michael’s curse is destroying Tommy’s life – and now that Michael is out of jail, will he take the hit? final?

Or will Michael be the one who dies? Viewers will have to wait and see.

Bonnie and Aberama Gold are killed

Bonnie Gold and her father Aberama were brutally killed
Bonnie Gold and her father Aberama were brutally killed

The fourth series saw the introduction of boxer Bonnie Gold and her father Aberama, who later fell in love with Aunt Polly.

Their deaths were some of the most shocking and brutal the show has ever seen, with Bonnie being killed by a gang called the Billy Boys in a gruesome scene who was beaten, tied to a tree and shot in front of her father.

Grief-stricken, Aberama sought to find those responsible for his son’s death, including Sir Oswald Moseley – but sadly met his own death while on a mission to assassinate Moseley.

While exacting revenge on Billy Boys leader Jimmy McCavern, masked assailants stabbed Aberama – the character dying shortly after.

Arthur orders Billy Grade to commit brutal murder

Arthur Shelby ordered an employee to commit a brutal murder
Arthur Shelby ordered an employee to commit a brutal murder

Peaky Blinders’ latest series was not going to be without its fair share of shocking moments – and the penultimate episode saw Arthur return to his brutal ways in the bookies shop.

After introducing Duke, Tommy’s long-lost son, to the family, Duke had to witness employee Billy Grade kill another employee in front of him, after Arthur Shelby ordered Billy to perform the deed.

It’s since become one of the most graphic murder scenes ever to air on the show – with the scenes almost being replayed moments later to murder Billy.

Visibly shaken and covered in blood, Billy was then curled up in a steam room trying to contemplate what he had done – and was later brutally attacked in the same way by mobster Jack Nelson.

Tommy Shelby sleeps with Oswald’s mistress

A clip of Peaky Blinders played prematurely
A clip of Peaky Blinders played prematurely

Viewers were shocked and in disbelief after Tommy Shelby had a steamy one-night stand with Oswald Moseley’s mistress Diana, and many took to social media to share their outrage at the character’s actions.

Just weeks after the death of his daughter Ruby, which had taken its toll on him and his wife Lizzie, Tommy found himself in bed with Diana – whose eyes had been firmly fixed on Tommy since the first episode of the series finale.

Like many bedroom scenes before, the shocking scene was certainly pretty raunchy, which also made it one of the most racy series.

This isn’t the only shock chamber scene in series six, as previous episodes have shown Michael Gray’s wife, Gina, being caught up in a romantic affair with Diana’s partner, Oswald.

Michael Gray's wife Gina slept with Oswald Moseley
Michael Gray’s wife Gina slept with Oswald Moseley

However, after Diana and Tommy’s romantic affair in a hotel room, Diana delivered the final brutal blow at dinner when she revealed the encounter to Lizzie, saying, “Elizabeth, you are a very lucky woman to have every day what I’ve only sampled once.”

A broken heart Lizzie quickly left the room – leaving their marriage in shambles – and viewers in disbelief that Tommy could have slept with Diana in the first place.

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