Best British Films | 100 Greatest British Films of All Time


Besides location and accent, what are the signatures that mark British cinema? Honestly, it’s hard to ground, if only because the UK film industry hardly seems limited in the stories it tells and the cinematic experiences it brings to the screen. Want a mind-blowing epic? Discover the films of David Lean or Powell and Pressburger. Prefer smaller scale, more intimate drama? Try Joanna Hogg or Shane Meadows. Detective novels? Romantic period pieces? Sci-fi? Drug movies? You can find them, all with a specific English slant, although sometimes intangible.

To compile this list of the best British films of all time, we interviewed over 150 actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, critics and industry heavyweights, such as Wes Anderson, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Sam Mendes and Terence Davis. , David Morrissey, Sally Hawkins and Thandie Newton. The results are as diverse as the country itself. Here are the 100 greatest British films ever made.

Written by Dave Calhoun, Tom Huddleston, David Jenkins, Derek Adams, Geoff Andrew, Adam Lee Davies, Paul Fairclough, Wally Hammond, Alim Kheraj, Matthew Singer and Phil de Semlyen


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