Best Euphoria Makeup Looks Ever: See Photos


Since its 2019 premiere, “Euphoria” has served up enough makeup looks to fill inspiration boards for every Halloween costume, wedding, and rave party combined. It’s a testament to the show’s makeup department that viewers can’t help but swoon over their creations, even with the HBO series tackling some pretty heavy themes. It’s this rule-defying audacity that earned “Euphoria” a well-deserved Emmy for Outstanding Contemporary Makeup in 2020.

While the first season of “Euphoria” was all about glitz and glamor (and plenty of eye decals), the second season’s makeup looks are meant to reflect the emotions and circumstances the characters find themselves in. . [are] even more raw and expressive,” Doniella Davy, head of the show’s makeup department, previously told POPSUGAR.” This whole season is a little darker – a lot darker. ”

During the pandemic-induced hiatus between the first and second seasons, ‘Euphoria’ creator Sam Levinson challenged Davy to alter his mood boards to align with what’s next for teens in the East Highland High School. “I was thinking, ‘What else do I want to say about makeup? How can I continue the story of what Euphoria season 1 makeup was and change it – make it more refined, more mysterious or discoverable, maybe less color across the board, but super bold colors just here and there?” Davy said.

With over a dozen hour-long episodes now out, the hit HBO series has given us plenty of iconic makeup looks. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best beauty moments from “Euphoria” — starting with the most recent episode and working all the way back to the beginning — to help you keep up with what’s trending in the makeup world. Keep scrolling to find inspiration for your next big release, courtesy of Davy and his talented team.


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