Brand New Cherry Flavor’s Bizarre Sex Scene Gets Wild Reaction Videos On TikTok


Netflix drama/horror Brand New Cherry Flavor is sparking viral reactions on TikTok as users record themselves watching the show’s bizarre sex scene.

Netflix horror/drama show, New cherry flavor, TikTok users challenge each other to document their reactions to her bizarre sex scene. Set in the 1990s, New cherry flavor follows the journey of its protagonist, Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), who moves to Los Angeles to discover that the city of dreams is full of horrors. The series based on a novel of the same name written by Todd Grimson. Lead actor Salazar has been on the rise since his starring role in Alita: battle angel and in Amazon’s animated series Fact.

In All new Chery flavor, Lisa is wronged by predatory Lou Burke (Eric Lange) and exacts revenge through the intervention of a frightening occult figure, Boro (Catherine Keener). The show then descends into unpredictable chaos as, for example, newborn kittens mysteriously begin to appear from unexpected places in a distinctive display of visceral body horror. In Episode 4, “Tadpole Smoothie,” one particular sex scene drew a lot of attention for its incorporation of this element. The scene in question features Lisa’s kitten-producing wound, which is directly involved in her sexual encounter with Roy Hardaway (Jeff Ward). Naturally, the scene drew very strong reactions from viewers.


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Now some New cherry flavor viewers took to social media with their reactions to the disturbing footage (via decision maker). In a new TikTok trend, users are even challenging themselves to watch the scene and record themselves reacting. Overall, the reactions are universal in their shock, with one Twitter user saying she was “flabbergasted,” while another recommended watching only the scene “if [you’re] brave.”

Brand New Cherry Flavor - Rosa Salazar & Catherine Sharper

It is in some ways ironic that New cherry flavor garnered such a strong reaction online, and even trended virally on social media. In a previous exclusive interview with Screen Rantshow creators Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion revealed that they specifically wanted to keep the ’90s setting of the original novel the show is based on to avoid the use of social media, saying, “We didn’t want screens and TikTok or whatever.” Now, however, the show’s bizarre sex scene has become the point of intense online scrutiny.

The reactions to the New cherry flavor sex scene episode 4 are understandable. Testing the limits of what many viewers are capable of in terms of body horror, the sequence is indeed bizarre and unique. However, the show has certainly managed to gain a bit more attention and could see an increase in viewership as a result. May this particular scene be the strangest New cherry flavor the creators plan to try to outdo themselves in terms of awful Netflix audiences in future episodes, however, that remains to be seen.

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