Bride says she found obscene photos of her sisters on groom’s computer


Commenters offer words of encouragement to a woman who said she found obscene photos of her sisters on her ex-fiancé’s computer.

Posting on TikTok on March 8 as Maria (@lifebymaria), the woman wrote, “Everything done in the dark comes out.” The post garnered over 759,000 views and over 39,000 likes while highlighting an important relationship lesson.

“Imagine you get engaged, 3 months away from your dream wedding, invitations are sent out and one random Thursday you find out that your fiancé is hiding a [porn] folder that includes photos of your sisters and her co-workers,” Maria wrote in her video’s text overlay. The video behind the text showed hot air balloons over a city.

Although the video ends there, Maria took to the comments section to further explain that she found the photos while using her ex-fiancé’s computer to apply for a job.

“He was helping me apply for a job [because] my computer was not working,” Maria wrote.

“[H]I uploaded my resume to his work computer and… when he clicked on the [downloads] folder file I saw photos of my sisters and others. He said he would look at the pictures during work and imagine them [naked] because he was bored and it was a pleasure for him to do it during work,” she concluded.

Responding to a commenter who said Maria “saved” herself and the other women involved, Maria admitted that looking back, her ex-fiancé showed “a lot of red flags”.

Talk to In the style, Matchmaker Susan Trombetti said it’s common for people to overlook red flags from their partners, especially at the start of a relationship.

“People can be emotionally charged and ignore the red flags at first, or find a way to fool themselves to lessen the impact because sometimes they just don’t want to face reality,” Trombetti said. “Other times they just miss them if their picker is off or they run out of bounds.”

Trombetti added that some people can only see red flags in “hindsight,” after a relationship ends.

While some red flags, such as “love bombing”, “gaslighting” and “downright abusive”, indicate that a relationship should end immediately, others are an “opportunity to take a break, assess the situation and decide if you should continue to invest time in that person,” Trombetti explained.

“If you spot a red flag in a relationship, don’t ignore it and hope it goes away on its own,” says In the style.

Maria’s viewers were quick to offer their support and agreed that she had dodged a bullet.

“This guy is in trouble, it’s not normal behavior. Luckily you can leave without kids. You’ll find the right guy,” Mayra200687 wrote.

“Someone was watching over you. It hurts to know that someone you love has the ability to destroy everything. I hope you see life getting better,” Together said.

“Stay strong!!” cried KG. “Glad you found out before the wedding.”

Kaytlin Christensen added: “You [dodged] a ball my dear. It’s not easy to heal, but you’ve saved yourself so much pain and future problems.”

Newsweek reached out to Maria for additional comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Of course, Maria’s breakup story isn’t the first of its kind to garner attention online. In January, a woman went viral on Reddit after sharing that she sold her engagement ring to cover the costs of her canceled wedding.

In October, a man was praised for his post on Reddit’s ‘Am I the asshole’ forum, in which he shared that he convinced his niece to break up with her fiancé, who allegedly refused to disclose his salary to his fiancée. -to be.

And on Sunday, a woman went viral on Mumsnet when she said her ex-fiancé called off their wedding and then gave the date and location of their canceled wedding to her daughter.

Commenters offer words of encouragement to a woman who said she found obscene photos of her sisters on her ex-fiancé’s computer.

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