Carmella wants to recreate the Edge and Lita scene with Corey Graves


During an interview with, Carmella and Corey Graves talked about their new reality series which just aired on WWE’s YouTube channel. Carmella brought up Edge and Lita’s “live sex celebration” segment of RAW in 2006 while talking about possible segments she and Graves could do together on TV…

Carmella: “I mean, there are some things I think I’d like to do on TV, maybe like recreating the Edge and Lita scene.”

Corey Graves: “If we can do it, great. It’s not something that we actively fight too hard for, but I think, I mean, for me, the best sports-entertainment storylines throughout history have been based on reality. You think, like, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, but we’re in a different situation where I’m a commentator, not an active competitor. She’s an active competitor, so it’s a different scenario than having two competitors in the ring or whatever, but I think if the opportunity arises, we’d both be more than happy. to jump in because I think we can both provide some entertainment. Let’s be honest, who’s easier to hate right now than Corey Graves and Carmella?

WWE’s Corey Graves and Carmella on New Show, Being Most Hated Couple, More

WWE will launch its latest TV property, Corey & Carmella, Monday afternoon on YouTube. The show, the first of its kind to air exclusively on the social media platform, follows Monday Night Raw commentator Corey Graves and Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella through their lives away from the ring and everything. that goes with.


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