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VENANGO CO., Pa. (EYT) – A Clarion man was sentenced to up to a year behind bars on Tuesday on charges relating to allegations he exchanged sexually explicit photos, videos and messages with an underage girl.

Court documents say senior judge James Arner sentenced 21-year-old Donald cody dunkle to a minimum of 146 days up to a maximum of one year imprisonment followed by two years probation for a first degree offense of bribery of minors on Tuesday October 26.

Dunkle pleaded guilty to the above charge during the October 26 hearing.

As a result of the plea agreement, the following charges were dismissed:

– Photography / Film / Representation on Computer Sex Act – Child knowingly or authorizing, Felony 2 (17 counts)
– Contact / communicate with minor sexual abuse, Felony 2
– Child pornography, Felony 3 (51 counts)

The charges stem from an incident earlier this year in Plum Township, Venango County.

Details of the case:

According to a criminal complaint, on April 21, a known woman brought a young female victim to Franklin-based State Police to report inappropriate sexual contact via media sharing with Donald dunkle.

According to the complaint, the woman told police she contacted Dunkle and he admitted to sharing sexual content with the victim. The woman then advised Dunkle to cease all communication with the victim or she would report him to the police.

Their conversation was documented in text and provided to police, the complaint notes.

The woman then discovered that Dunkle had continued the inappropriate contact with the victim through a different phone number. The woman reportedly told police that she took the victim’s cell phone and discovered that the victim received an iPhone from a friend that she was using to continue communicating with Dunkle.

Police then interviewed the victim, who allegedly said she had known Dunkle since he was around eight years old and had started talking via text and social media again in the fall of 2020.

The victim told police that she and Dunkle “quickly realized that they both loved each other more than just friends” and began to think of each other as a couple in December 2020, although they haven’t seen each other in person for years, according to the complaint.

Additionally, the victim said she started swapping nude photos with Dunkle in January or February. The victim said she sent Dunkle “many more” photos than he sent her, estimating that she sent around 100 photos and 15 videos, mostly via Snapchat, but a few via text and Facebook Messenger. The victim noted that the photos included photos of her breasts and genitals, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the victim also told police that she also exchanged “clips” (short videos) of themselves each performing the sexual acts on themselves via Snapchat. The victim also reported that she confronted Dunkle (called video) on at least one occasion and was naked for conversation.

The complaint said the victim told police Dunkle would ask him for nude photos and videos. She also said there was a photo of Dunkle’s genitals on her phone, then signed a search consent and provided the passcode to her phone and also gave her consent to search for her other phone. She reportedly noted that she had no nude photos of herself on the phone because she had deleted them.

Police then searched the phones and found several photos and messages of Dunkle, including a photo of the genitals of a man who the victim said belonged to Dunkle.

Police also made a request to retain the Snapchat names provided by the victim and contacted a special agent from the US Army’s Criminal Investigations Command Section at Fort Benning, Ga., Where Dunkle has been confirmed to be stationed. at the time.

Dunkle’s phone was then seized and he was questioned.

According to the complaint, an initial search revealed that Dunkle’s phone contained several nude images of the victim.

The complaint states that Dunkle also confessed to exchanging nude photos and videos with the victim when she was questioned.

On Dunkle’s phone, police found 51 nude images of the victim and 17 nude videos of the victim sent between the dates of January 15 and April 16. They also found sexually-oriented messages and messages in which Dunkle requested sexually-oriented photos and videos of the victim, according to the complaint.

During an interview, Dunkle reportedly admitted that he hadn’t seen the victim in person for about five years and ended up looking for her via FaceTime before starting a “relationship” with her. He told investigators that the “sexting” then started about a month before his interview and said he “screwed up”.

According to the complaint, when confronted with the age of the victim, Dunkle admitted that he knew the victim was a minor when they started exchanging messages and said the woman known had him. contacted in March and told him to wait until the victim was 18.

The complaint also noted that Dunkle told investigators that he and the victim were in a relationship and were not just talking about sex, then indicating that they had spoken via text, FaceTime, Snapchat, email and Instagram.

Dunkle also reportedly admitted that he “knew it was wrong” to exchange photos and messages of a sexual nature because of the victim’s age.

Franklin-based State Police filed the charges against Dunkle through the Office of Judicial District Judge Andrew F. Fish on May 10.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 9 at 10:30 a.m.

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: Extreme graphic detail was not included due to the sexual nature of the alleged crimes.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Several details have been removed from this article to help protect the identity of victims.

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