Custom Made YSL Rouge Lip Color Device Review with Pictures


  • YSL Rouge Sur Mesure is a beauty device that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized lipstick shades.
  • It has gone viral on TikTok for its ability to create up to 4,000 different shades of YSL’s Velvet Cream Matte Finish Lipstick.
  • An editor tested the beauty device and was impressed with the results.

You’ve probably seen amazing celebrity makeup and wondered exactly what products they use to achieve it. Tons of people have speculated for years about Taylor Swift’s exact lipstick shade, and I know I’ve personally wished I could recreate specific lipstick shades I’ve seen on some of my favorite models. . If you’ve ever wished you could create your own lipstick shade or have the power to recreate any color (even the one worn by a celebrity), allow me to introduce you to the latest beauty innovation from YSL, the creator of Custom Rouge Custom Lipstick ($299).

YSL Beauty’s new tool blends beauty and technology using artificial intelligence to customize virtually any lipstick shade you can imagine. Although it sounds daunting, the operation is simple: you insert a set of color cartridges into the device, choose the color you want to create via the device’s phone app, and from there the machine will mix the perfect shade in minutes.

The device itself is gorgeous and looks either like a futuristic YSL handbag or a very classy message in a bottle (aliens, probably). While it’s not cheap – it’ll set you back $299, not including the cartridges, which cost $89 each – can you really put a price on fully customized beauty? The cartridges themselves are split into four color families (Red, Orange, Pink and Neutral) with three shades in each family, so if you buy all four sets of cartridges you’ll end up with 4,000 different shades at your fingertips. . The device even has a removable compact case with a mirror, so after you’ve created your perfect shade, you can choose to take your lipstick with you when you’re on the go.

YSL Rogue Custom Compact Removable

The tech doesn’t stop there: YSL’s custom lip maker is an easy-to-clean, non-porous PET device, and it’s fitted with rubber seals designed to be ultra-hygienic. The cartridges have a built-in chip that tracks fill level as well as date opened, meaning you don’t run the risk of using it past the expiration date or running out of product without warning.

The first thing I did after opening the package containing my device (after screaming in excitement) was downloading the Rouge Sur Mesure app onto my phone. The app guided me through easy to understand steps through which I learned how to charge my lipstick printer as well as connect it to my phone’s Bluetooth. Browsing through the app, I quickly learned that YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure app has three different features designed to make it easier to find the perfect lip color.

The first option, “Shade Palette”, lets you select a hue via a virtual try-on and an in-app color wheel. The second option, “Shade Match”, allows you to upload an image of any color into the app, and the color recognition technology will create the exact pigment. (This option is perfect if you’re looking to match a celebrity’s lip color or want a lipstick that matches a specific piece of clothing or accessory.) The third option, “Shade Stylist”, allows users to take pictures of themselves in the outfit of their choice and then select two color points (such as the color of their top and the color of their shoes). The algorithm will then generate shade recommendations based on what it thinks will work best with the outfit.

In addition, before creating a color, you can always try everything virtually. You also have the option to choose how much product the device makes based on your lip size, as well as whether you just want to test out a shade or create enough color to wear multiple times.

Custom YSL Rogue Custom Lip Printer

I’ve had a specific photo of Lily Aldridge pinned to my Pinterest makeup board for at least three years, so I knew I wanted to quickly use the shade match feature and recreate the color she wore on her lips. Since the color I was looking to mimic was a neutral pink, I chose to insert the nude color scheme. From there, I got to work creating my very first custom lipstick shade. And by “put to work” what I mean is I uploaded Aldridge’s picture and sat on my butt while my new favorite beauty tool created my new shade of red favorite lipstick.

The machine made a low hum, then quickly dispensed the pigment into the removable YSL compact. From there, I mixed the colors using the included YSL lip brush and applied.

YSL Rogue Custom Color Mix

Honestly, the process couldn’t have been easier and I was incredibly impressed with the results. I got Lily Aldrige exact lipstick shade, and it took me less than a minute to get it. The color held up well throughout the day, and if I needed to reapply any, all I had to do was pull out my handy YSL compact where I had leftover color easily stored. and easily accessible.

Custom Made YSL Rogue Lipstick Match

I’ve had a lot of fun testing out the other features over the past few weeks, with Shade Palette being the easiest to master and Shade Stylist the most innovative to use. This device is absolutely one of the coolest beauty tools I’ve ever tried, and I found myself unable to stop myself from sending videos to my friends every time I create a new shade of rouge at lips. Although the price is really high, I think it’s perfect for beauty lovers who already spend frequently on lip products because once you own it, there’s really no need to buy a new lipstick.


Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez


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