Danny Roberts says Julie Stoffer showed ‘eggplant pictures’ of her husband


In episode 7 of Real World Reunion: New Orleans, which aired June 1 on Paramount+, Kelley Wolf took offense when Julie Stoffer showed her a picture of her apparently naked husband. However, Julie insisted that he was only shirtless. After the episode, housemate Danny Roberts confirmed that his co-star shared “eggplant pics.”

The cast of “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” | Akasha Rabut/Paramount+

Danny Roberts confirms that Julie Stoffer showed naked photos of her husband

During Real World Reunion: New Orleans episode 7, Kelley Wolf confronted Julie Stoffer when her roommate showed her an inappropriate photo of her husband.

However, Julie insisted that her husband was only shirtless in a confessional. Co-star Danny Roberts, who Julie first shared the photo with, revealed ‘they were pictures of eggplants’ on his Instagram story.

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Therefore, her husband’s private part was visible in the images she shared, contradicting what she claimed in the episode. He also claimed the show gave Julie “a very lighthearted edit” that didn’t accurately depict what really happened.

Danny also called her out for missing “the mission” to “create meaningful television with redemption and love”, believing that she only wants to focus on “the lowest common denominator”.

Julie first claimed she shared shirtless photos of her husband

After Julie’s husband Spencer apparently gave her a free pass to do whatever she wanted at home, he sent her some steamy pics.

She announced that her husband had sent her nudes and admitted that she had already shown Danny, who sat next to her. When Kelley walked through the door, Julie greeted her with the photo, upsetting her roommate.

Therefore, Kelley confronted Julie, noting it, including other sexual things The challenge competitor we often talked about, made her uncomfortable. Julie apparently didn’t understand Kelley’s position, seeing her only as a prude, grumpy, and unwilling to show herself on television.

When defending herself in a confessional, Julie insisted her husband was only shirtless and asked why Kelley wouldn’t want to see “a hot guy.” During their conversation, Kelley threatened to leave the show early but has yet to do so.

Julie had several conflicts throughout “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans”

Throughout the season, Julie almost rubbed other housemates the wrong way. It all started with Melissa Beck and Danny wanting an apology and acknowledgment from their former roommate after finding out she wrote degrading letters, which got them kicked out of after-show opportunities.

Julie half-admitted to writing a letter about Danny, though she claimed she didn’t and couldn’t remember what it said, and never admitted to doing anything. or to Melissa, with whom she developed a close friendship during their original season.

When the group went out to a drag club, Julie got extremely drunk and David “Tokyo” Broom attempted to deal with her that night. However, she accused him of roughly grabbing her, leaving marks on her back. Tokyo and Melissa confronted her about her comments and tried to point out that she had started an “angry black man” story.

It didn’t go as planned because Julie finally stormed off, feeling attacked. Following the incident, Tokyo requested a room change. The Real World: Homecoming airs Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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