Delco Man exchanged explicit photos with teenager: authorities


DREXEL HILL, PA – A Delaware County man is under arrest and facing multiple child pornography charges after Montgomery County authorities say he exchanged nude photos with a child patient at the Horsham Clinic while the accused worked as a medical technician at the facility.

Tayib Inniss, 24, of Drexel Hill, was charged with 80 felony counts and one misdemeanor count, according to a criminal record in the case.

Inniss was arrested Jan. 13 by the Hatfield Police Department in Montgomery County, court records show.

A police criminal complaint obtained by Patch which was filed by Hatfield Police Department Detective Ryan Saunders shows investigators received an anonymous tip on September 2, 2021 regarding the possible sexual abuse of a 16-year-old woman known only as “BG” due to her age and the nature of the alleged crimes against her.

The complaint says the girl’s mother had contacted police to say she discovered her daughter had spoken with a staff member at Horsham Clinic while the girl was hospitalized there in spring 2021.

Police say the employee, identified as Tayib Inniss, 24, of Drexel Hill, Delaware County, gave the girl his phone number before she was released and the mother later found a photo that ‘Inniss had sent the teenager showing his genitals.
The girl also said she sent Inniss nude photos of herself.

The mother also reported to police that she had learned that her daughter had planned to meet Inniss for sex and that the messages between the two also contained communications of a sexually explicit nature.

In interviews with police, the girl said she and Inniss also communicate via Facetime, Snapchat and Apple iMessage.

“She described the communication between the two as friendly at first, but then escalated into sexual and explicit conversations,” the criminal complaint states. “During one of the conversations, she said Mr. Inniss told her he would feel better talking to her if she was closer to 18.”

The complaint also says Inniss had wanted to watch the girl as she introduced herself during her stay at the Horsham Clinic, but would be unable to as there were “too many people around”.

Investigators said Inniss, in addition to sending sexually explicit photos of his body, also sent the girl videos of him having sex with other women. Police said they do not know whether the women depicted in these videos are of the legal age of consent or not.

The complaint says the victim and Inniss had also planned to have “car sex,” but Inniss pulled out on the scheduled date, saying he wouldn’t be able to meet.

“The victim stated that she believed she had a relationship with Mr. Inniss,” the complaint states. “The victim then explained that Mr. Inniss had suddenly become distant with her during the communication. The two stopped speaking to each other after being informed that the victim had told several other girlfriends who were also former patients of the establishment where she was. there.”

The victim eventually ended communications with the accused, the complaint states, although Inniss still attempted to contact her on several occasions.

Inniss was released after posting bond.

Inniss faces dozens of charges, including criminal solicitation and child pornography, in addition to a misdemeanor count of bribery of minors, according to court records.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 26 before Magistrate District Judge Edward Levine.

North Penn Now reported that the Horsham Clinic initially placed Inniss on administrative leave, but has since terminated her employment.

The Horsham Clinic offers behavioral health treatment services to children, adolescents and adults. It is located on Butler Pike in Upper Dublin Township.


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