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For the most part, and in a slightly bizarre move, the episode hides from the shocking ending of episode four. However, some viewers won’t care as this episode includes what is probably the hottest sex scene ever seen on Elite.

This recap of Netflix’s Elite Season 5 Episode 5, “Please Tell the Truth,” contains spoilers.

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Elite summary of season 5, episode 5

The police swarm the area after Samuel’s “discovery”, as Ari warns Ivan that “this never happened” when they get off the boat. Patrick finds an upset Ivan and tells him he can tell him anything. Ivan eventually reveals that he’s tired of moving around all the time. As for Patrick, he wants someone who loves him as he deserves to be loved. Is there still a chance of romance between the couple?

While Caye is cleaning up the school, she comes across Isadora’s drug use. Detectives investigating Armando’s death warn Benjamin that he must cooperate. Benjamin asks Samuel why Guzman left just days after Armando died. Felipe is back! (If you watched Elite Short Stories 2: Philippe Caye Felipeyou will remember him as one of the most memorable characters). And it’s a joy to see him back. Cruz joins Patrick and Ivan for a drink, and it doesn’t take long before Cruz manages to set foot in it. Cruz tries to insist on the fact that he is neither gay nor bi. Despite everything, Cruz asks Patrick to come to his room that evening.

Once Prince Phillipe sees that Felipe has returned to the scene, he suggests that they, Caye, and Isadora go to dinner. Patrick and Ivan decide to watch p**n together, and just as they approach a kiss, Ivan backs off. Patrick accuses her of jerking him off and leaves, while during dinner, Isadora proves to be just as annoying and problematic as ever. Caye tells Isadora that Prince Phillip needs to hear about her “problem”, and she brings Isadora home. While in bed alone, Patrick is about to to visit Cruz when he meets Ivan. Ivan pours out and finally kisses Patrick. And after having sex, it’s clear that Patrick really put himself in a situation by getting involved with both Ivan and Cruz.

The end

Caye helps Isadora return to her hotel. And though she feels lonely, she tries to push Caye away and dismisses worries about her drug addiction. In Las Encinas, Cruz tells Patrick he’s been waiting for him, with Patrick claiming he’s not in the right frame of mind for what’s going on between them. Police officers visit the school and order Benjamin to leave his office while they search it. As Samuel and Ari walk away, Mencia goes to Rebe’s house with her belief that her father killed Armando. And shortly after, she learns that the detective took her phone. But as she is interrogated, Samuel confesses to murdering Armando, a stunt Benjamin had convinced him to do in exchange for better lawyers and a future he wouldn’t have to worry about.

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