Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney Reveals How She Filmed That Disgusting Hot Tub Scene


February 3, 2022, 4:24 p.m.

“During the hot tub scene, during the vomiting, I was really disgusted.”

I think we can all agree that Euphoria Season 2, Episode 4 was one of the craziest episodes of the show so far. From Cal’s unexpected meltdown to Maddy’s disastrous birthday party, it all started.

But nothing was more shocking and horrifying than the scene with Cassie in the hot tub. Not even Cal peeing all over his own house.

Cassie and Nate, who secretly slept together behind Maddy’s back, argue before they both attend Maddy’s birthday party. Cassie is completely drunk and ends up climbing into the hot tub with everyone at the end of the night.

As Maddy and Nate argue over the status of their relationship, Cassie, guilt-ridden and drunk, vomits in the middle of the hot tub, all over Maddy and herself. It was a literal jump scare.

Sydney Sweeney has now explained how they managed to capture this scene and make it so horribly realistic.

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Sydney Sweeney shares behind the scenes of the hot tub scene

Sydney Sweeney shares behind the scenes of the spa scene.

Picture: Alamy, HBO

In an interview with Decider, Sydney revealed exactly how they shot the vomiting scene and it didn’t seem like a pleasant experience…for anyone involved, to be honest.

“This episode is so chaotic for [Cassie]”, Sydney told the publication. “What I love about Sam [Levinson] Every time he wanted her to drink a different bottle. So, if you notice, each time she has a completely different bottle in her hands. At the end of this episode, I think to myself, how many drinks did she consume? She was gone.”

She continued, “During the hot tub scene, during the vomiting, I was really disgusted. They had this invisible tube that looked like a horse bit and they put it in my mouth and I kind of had to sort of hold it and make it look semi-normal and then vomit all over everyone, which was… it was so disgusting.

Sydney also explained that instead of coming out of her mouth, the bit filled her mouth and she had to spit it out. And I mean, if you’ve seen the scene, you’ll know how awful and gross that moment really was.

Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy and was also the unsuspecting target of Cassie’s projectile vomiting, also didn’t like shooting the scene.

Speaking in a behind-the-scenes interview shared on Euphoriaon YouTube, Alexa said, “It was disgusting. I’m not good with vomit. It wasn’t real, of course. But seeing… I’m shocked that I didn’t vomit.

Frankly the same.

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