Evansville robbery suspect leaves ID at crime scene


Note to would-be thieves: if you want to keep the victims of your crime and the police guessing the whodunnit, that’s not how you do it.

I have a hard time understanding the thought process of a human when they decide they are going to commit a crime like theft. Admittedly, we never really know a person’s personal situation. Maybe they are so unlucky and struggling that they feel they have no choice but to take something of value from someone else to try and get some money. Certainly, I have been very lucky in my life never to find myself in this situation. That said, I also understand that there are just plain bad people in the world who see something they want and take it, whether it’s theirs or not.

I can tell you from personal experience that a life of crime wouldn’t be for me. Many, many years ago, I “successfully” (for lack of a better term) stole a can of dip from a grocery store and was a nervous wreck for hours afterwards. This was back when tobacco products were not locked behind one of the cash registers. Everything happened at the end of an alley in front of the store. In this particular case, the cans of dip were off to the side of the display and out of sight of the cashiers, so I grabbed a can, looked around, swiped it in my belt and I came out with my heart like it was going to explode out of my chest lest I get caught. I didn’t, but that feeling stuck with me to this day, and it was enough to scare me. The idea of ​​doing this on a regular basis and constantly feeling like I have to look over my shoulder? Uh, no thank you. I will stay on the straight and narrow.

Just for fun though, let’s say I decided, oh I don’t know, to break into someone’s car because I noticed they left something of value out there. free. I’d like to think I wouldn’t do what that person did who broke into a car on the southeast side of Evansville.

It is difficult to remain anonymous when you leave your name and address at the crime scene.

I don’t even know how you do that. Did they use their driver’s license to open the door, then put it down while rummaging through things and forget to grab it before leaving? Or, was it half hanging out of their pocket and falling out when they took off? I have so many questions. I imagine the Evansville police too. Fortunately, it won’t be difficult to find the person to get the answers.

[Source: EvansvilleWatch on Facebook]

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