Ft Olivia & Dom’s Dramatic MAFS Scene Became a TikTok Meme


Three weeks after the Married at first sight Final 2022, Dominique Calarco and Olivia FraserThe series’ season drama has been immortalized as a viral TikTok sound. The power of messy heterosexuals and reality TV, people!

ICYMI, around the time of the filming of the season, Dom and his on-screen partner Jack Millar knocked out Olivia and Jackson Lonies hotel door the night after the infamous MAFS dinner where Dom’s nude photo was weaponized against her.

Olivia opened the door and asked how Dom was doing as if they hadn’t just been butting heads last night. Dom then cut the bullshit off and said “that’s irrelevant”.

Olivia accused Dom of ‘screaming’ at her ‘inside [her] house” as she really spoke in a slightly pointed tone and stood outside the apartment Olivia and Jackson were staying in. Olivia ended up closing the door on him.

A soundbite of the moment was referenced by TikToker Zarisha Bradley in a TikTok posted on April 14. She used it for the soundtrack of when your friend uploads the horrible group photo of you that she promised to delete. An unsolicited sacrifice for group chat.

“Good morning, how are you doing?” Olivia said into the sound.

“Um, it doesn’t matter. What I want to know is where did these images come from, who found them, what phones are they on, what’s going on?” Dom replies.


The old couture #mafs #queendom 👑✨

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley

Bradley’s video only has 15,300 views. But the sound has been used by more than a thousand other TikTokers since Sunday.

Several TikTokers used the sound to mimic the cringe moment when their mother posted a picture of them on Facebook without their permission. Or when your friends share the most embarrassing and chaotic club photos of you when you were 18.


Not cool mom 😐 Insta: reubbake

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


All. Alone. Year #fyp #trend #OscarsAtHome #whoops #foryoupage #farmlife #animals #pets #pettok

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


no because it’s actually my biggest fear 🤣😭💀 #fyp

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


Like where are they from girl #fypシ #trending #australia

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


Defamation suit #perth #greenscreenvideo #fyp #model #influencer #mugshot #mascot

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


It’s okay I learned to love my nose 🥲 #sideprofilehumbledme

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


mafs supremacy #fyp #high school #bus #mafs #australia

♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley


♬ original sound – Zarisha Bradley

If you want to be involved in a reality TV beef that could become the next TikTok sound, casting for next year Married at first sight is currently open.

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