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Hawk Eye this week struck on all fronts as the story began to bear fruit. The fifth and penultimate episode ultimately devoted much of the attention to Yelena Belova, the new Black Widow played by Florence pugh. A major scene had Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) sit down to a meal of mac and cheese with Yelena, who hit several levels and could be taught in writing and acting classes.

Florence Pugh in “Hawkeye” Episode 5, Disney +

In the scene, Kate returns to her crappy apartment, made even crazier by an incendiary bombardment by the Mafia brothers in the tracksuit. She finds Yelena waiting for her. Yelena asks her where Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) is. Kate tells him that she doesn’t know, so Yelena leaves. That’s all the scene is in terms of plot, but it’s written and performed with a lot more stuff than Yelena asking for information. Screenwriters avoid the obvious route to take the most creative and fun.

The script overlays the scene to make it as interesting and unpredictable as possible: Kate is surprised that Yelena is there. Yelena has made macaroni and cheese and is setting the table for them to eat together. Kate is terrified because Yelena is a deadly assassin and possibly a sociopath. Yelena tries to reassure her that she’s not here to hurt her, but her promises that she doesn’t hold a gun don’t fly because she IS a gun. Kate is understandably terrified but keeps her panic under control. Yelena is ragged and jovial, but the happier she is in her attempt to calm Kate, the more terrified Kate is with her. Yelena notices Kate’s lack of utensils for more than one person in the apartment. His conversation with Kate ranges from asking where Hawkeye is, trying to discuss the fact that it’s his first time in NYC and asking for advice on what to do in sightseeing, and then trying to convince Kate that Hawkeye aka Clint Barton is a bad .

Dramatic writing comes from the conflict between the characters in a scene, and it comes from characters with desires that make them oppose. There are several conflicts going on in this scene. The main conflict is that Yelena wants information from Kate, and Kate doesn’t have what she wants. Kate doesn’t want to be murdered. She doesn’t know for sure that Yelena won’t try to kill her. Another conflict is that Yelena wants to bring Kate to her side by telling her that Clint is a bad man, but Kate refuses to accept it, so Yelena fails to do so. a 3e The conflict is that Yelena wants Kate to think she’s just a friendly girl, but Kate doesn’t believe that as they got into a fierce fight earlier in the evening.

The writers draw on the layers and stories of Kate and Yelena to add the richness of their characters to further layer the scene, mainly to reveal more of Yelena’s character. At the end of their fight, Kate shot a pearl at Yelena and had a clear shot to take her down, but chose not to, echoing Clint’s story of his first meeting with Natasha and how her best shot was the one he didn’t take, the one that wanted to kill her. This portends a possible new friendship between Kate and Yelena as the next Hawkeye and Black Widow. Yelena is in control because Kate is no match for her, but she cannot control Kate’s mind. Kate breaches Yelena’s belief that Clint killed Natasha. It also suggests that Yelena feels drawn to Kate because of her act of mercy.

The scene also highlights Yelena’s desire for a normal life outside of espionage and murder, and her sense of humor, which is made more surreal by her background. An earlier scene revealed that Yelena wanted to live with Natasha in New York City and star in a Sex and the city fancy, and here Yelena is trying to have a version of this life by sitting down with Kate. She envies Kate’s life as a native New Yorker. The real subtext of the scene is that Yelena wants Kate to be her friend, she wants to win her over. Florence Pugh shows that she is one of the best actresses of her generation by playing all the layers and notes of Yelena and the stage. She goes from comedic lightness to vague menace and returns to female joy throughout the scene and makes it easy.

By the time she leaves, Yelena may not have gotten the information she wanted – where Clint is at – but she got a bit of something she always wanted: a girls night out. , even though the girl she was hanging out with was afraid she might murder her.

Hawk Eye is now broadcast on Disney +.

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