HC Concerned About Sex Determination Scene In “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” Movie


The Delhi High Court on Monday expressed concern over the scene showing the determination of the sex of a fetus in the trailer for Ranveer Singh-star Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ and told the makers of the film that the illegal practice cannot be trivialized or shown as being done routinely.

The bench, led by Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi, who heard a PIL requesting the removal of the scene from the film, asked Yash Raj Films to show it the relevant parts of the film and said the “overall message” was maybe good but it cannot be foreseen that a pregnant woman can be taken to any clinic equipped with an ultrasound scanner to find the sex of the fetus.

“You take instructions or we’re going to have to stay,” the bench, which also includes Navin Chawla, said after watching the trailer for the film, which is slated for release on May 13. You see there’s no indication that the lady is being smuggled or that it’s not legal or that the actors are aware (in the scene) that it’s an offence. What stands out is that any pregnant woman can be taken to a center with an ultrasound machine and it can be done routinely,” the court said.

“Don’t trivialize it to show that anyone can walk into any clinic and do it. The drama should be that they are aware (that it is illegal) but it still happens,” he added. Lead attorney Jayant Mehta, representing the filmmakers, said “the film is about something illegal” and carries a disclaimer regarding the illegality of the act in question.


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