Hunter Biden claimed ex-wife Kathleen blackmailed him with compromising photos, leaked emails show


As Kathleen Buhle’s memoir ‘If We Break’ is due for release June 14, leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop reportedly show him accusing his ex-wife of blackmailing him into signing a deal of divorce. According to the emails, Kathleen threatened to release some compromising photos of him to the media, in case he refused.

As reported by Daily Mail, the accusation was made in an email, found in Hunter’s abandoned laptop, from his divorce lawyer to his ex-wife Kathleen’s lawyer. He claimed in emails that he learned of a blackmail plot from Kathleen in March 2017 amid their tense divorce negotiations and asked his lawyer to put their claims to them in writing. “Hunter has learned that Kathleen intends, … to release allegedly incriminating photos of Hunter to the media,” Hunter’s attorney Sarah Mancinelli wrote on March 19, 2017. He added, “The threat to release incriminating photos is completely unacceptable, and likely subject to prosecution under the District of Columbia’s blackmail law.” Kathleen’s attorney, Rebekah Sullivan, responded that her client “has no intention of doing so.” The letter also accused Kathleen of expecting Joe Biden to financially support their divorce settlement.


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People Magazine reported that Kathleen, 52, told them “she doesn’t get child support from Hunter.” But emails on Hunter’s laptop show their divorce settlement included the requirement for him to pay his ex-wife $37,000 a month in perpetuity – and which Buhle told his lawyers to write angry letters when he allegedly missed payments in 2019.

According to DailyMail, in her January 2019 email to Hunter’s attorney, Kathleen asked, “Is there an update on my child support?” She was concerned because she would not have received the scheduled spousal support payments, and a letter from her lawyer to Hunter a week later shows that the couple’s divorce settlement included an agreement for Hunter to pay Buhle at least $37,000 per month. “The MSA [Marital Settlement Agreement] provides that, effective 04/01/2017 and thereafter, RHB will pay KBB $37,000 per month in basic spousal support,” Sullivan wrote to Mancinelli.

Kathleen’s discovery of Hunter’s addiction

They had been married for 22 years when Kathleen Buhle reportedly discovered in 2015 that her then-husband, the father of her three daughters, was addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex. In her next book, she also describes how she found out that Hunter was having an affair with her late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie.

The book, which will be released this month, will be the first public comment to have been made by Hunter’s ex-wife regarding their divorce and its impact, although some of the details of the couple’s split played out in the battles judicial.


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