I tried TikTok’s filter for a perfect outline: see the photos


  • TikTok user Grace M Choi has created a filter that helps draw your perfect outline.
  • It uses “the golden ratio” and scans your face to find the best placement.
  • An editor tested the filter on her face to see if it lived up to the hype.

A few months ago, I discovered a TikTok filter to help you draw your perfect eyebrows. I tested it for myself and found that I liked the way it made my eyebrows look. So when I saw that the filter’s creator, Grace M Choi, had created another TikTok filter – this time to give your face the perfect contour – I bookmarked it to try it out when I had free time. I ended up completely forgetting about it, like we do, until I came across influencer Mikayla Nogueira trying it out. When I saw the difference it made on her face, I knew I had to try it ASAP, so I decided to get up and test it out right then and there.

Unlike some social media filters that change the shape of your facial features, this filter helps find the right area to place your outline based on your face shape. Choi says she “created the filter to help you sculpt your perfect cheekbones according to Dr. Marquardt’s golden ratio.”

hack tiktok outline filter

To test it out for myself, I started by filling in my eyebrows. Next, I used the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter ($44) and It Cosmetic CC+ Nude Glow Foundation ($42) to complete my base makeup.

From there, I activated the filter through my TikTok app. What appeared was a futuristic filter that showed lines running across and down the middle of my face. An area was highlighted in blue, this was the area I knew should be filled with the outline. Next, I filled in the blue areas with cream contour on the left side of my face using my current favorite contour stick, Rare Beauty’s Warm Wishes Effortless Bronzer Stick ($23). As I wanted to see if the filter actually made a difference, I chose to apply the contour as I normally would on the right side of my face.

hack tiktok outline filter

The biggest difference I noticed immediately after applying is that the TikTok filter made me place the contour extremely high, basically at the top of my cheekbones where I would normally apply blush. I usually apply the contour to the bottom of my cheekbones, so I wasn’t completely sure if the end result would look good on my face.

Next, I used the Leia Ultraflesh Blender ($59) to blend the contour, making sure to use an upward and outward motion. After completely bypassing and blending everything, I was honestly shocked when I stood back to examine the results. The side of my face where I used the TikTok filter looked more sculpted, and my face looked lifted and definitely better all around. The side of my face where I didn’t use the filter didn’t look lifted.

Now I can’t wear makeup without it. It took me about five times to use the filter before I got used to the new location of my outline, and now I can apply it on my own. I would never have thought of applying a contour so high on my face, but it really makes all the difference when doing my makeup. My outline has never looked better, making this a hack I will be using until the end of time.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez


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