Is Madison Cawthorn gay? What happened? Madison Cawthorn Viral Photos and Videos


A 26-year-old American politician, who also served as the United States Representative for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, Madison Cawthorn is making headlines on news channels and social media. Well, the politician has appeared several times on Inter and been in the limelight but this time he became the hottest social media discussion among netizens. Even, his name is also trending on the internet. According to the sources, a new scandalous video of GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn has circulated on social media where he gets his crotch felt by his close friend.

Now, the staffer is at the center of a complaint calling for an investigation into him and filed today by the Congressional Ethics Office, revealed by The disturbing video is drawing attention every minute from watchers around the world and was first seen today in which Madison can be seen in a car with her close aide and planner Stephen Smith also who is 23 years old. Now the video has been watched by millions across the world which will affect the politician’s political career as well.

Is Madison Cawthorn gay?

In the video, Cawthorn can be seen sitting in the driver’s seat and the video is filmed by Smith. Cawthorn sees with an exaggerated accent and says, “I feel passion and desire and would like to see a naked body under my hands.” Them, the camera moves to Smith who says “Me too because Cawthorn can be heard laughing. Then Smith filmed himself reaching for Cawthorn’s crotch.

Now Smith and Madison’s video has gone viral on social media and was officially shared Thursday night by the Twitter account. Along with this, Cawthorn later appeared to allude to the recent scandal on Thursday by taking to his Twitter account and saying, “A lot of my co-workers wouldn’t be anywhere near politics if they’d grown up with cellphones in their hands. “.

Leaked photos of Madison Cawthorn

Since the video was posted, it has gained over 520,000 views and received over 10,000 likes. Along with this, netizens have started retweeting and it has been over 6,000 times. Many also think Madison Cawthorn is gay? Many questions have been raised and yet the video is available on the official Twitter page of According to the sources, the person alongside Madison Cawthorn is her planner, Stephen Smith. Several complaints have been filed against Cawthorn even the president of American Muckraker, David Wheeler has also posted a copy of the complaint against Cawthorn online.


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