Jubilee concert: The best Queen Elizabeth II movies and TV series to watch on Netflix


Whether you’re an ardent royalist or a staunch republican, there’s one thing we all agree on: 70 years is a damn long time.

On February 6, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated seven decades at the helm of the British Royal Family, an unprecedented feat of longevity for the institution.

The occasion is celebrated during a Platinum Jubilee weekend, and UK broadcasters line up to pay tribute to Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

There should be no shortage of new shows to entertain royalists, with the BBC broadcasting the official Jubilee concert on Saturday June 4.

Artists like Diana Ross and George Ezra are expected to perform live as part of the event. You can find more details on the Platinum Party at the Palace here.

However, if you’re still craving more Queen Elizabeth-related content to help you get through the special occasion, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best related content available on Netflix.

From Oscar-winning biopics to TV documentaries, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to HRH’s on-screen portrayals.

Here are some of the best — and some less conventional choices for any Republicans looking for alternative Jubilee messaging.

Helen Mirren in “The Queen”


The Queen

Helen Mirren’s acting career is about as regal as it gets; she has played queens many times, including Elizabeth II on several occasions. The most famous example came in this 2006 biopic, for which Mirren won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II

This feature-length documentary mixes archival footage and “expert interviews” to tell the life of our monarch, following Elizabeth’s story from her childhood through her long and illustrious reign.

Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life

Another TV movie, listed in Netflix’s “sentimental” category, focuses on the life of the late Prince Philip. Naturally, there’s a lot about the queen in there too; her close personal connection to Philip is surely well known to all loyal royals.

Helena Bonham-Carter and Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”


The King’s Speech

Another Oscar-winning film from the 2010s The King’s Speech primarily focuses on King George VI. For all fans of the royal family, this is surely a treat: one of the best royal-themed films of the past two decades. Elizabeth also features in the film, although she was a child, played by Freya Wilson.

Elizabeth and Margaret: Love and Loyalty

This documentary looks at the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her younger sister, Margaret. It’s a side of the monarch that some viewers may be less familiar with – though it may be a tough sell for anyone not seriously interested in the interpersonal dynamics of the Windsor family.

The Royal House of Windsor

This serialized documentary is a little broader in scope than some of the other documents on this list; the last 100 years of the royal family are charted over the course of six episodes, with the tone taking on something more of an investigative stance.

Matt Smith as Philip with Claire Foy’s Queen Elizabeth in ‘The Crown’


The crown

One of the most (surprisingly) controversial portrayals of Queen Elizabeth ever on film, The crown is one of the jewels in the Netflix tiara. A beautifully made series spanning more or less the entire life of Elizabeth, The crown was at the center of a PR blizzard last season, with critics saying he strayed disturbingly from historical facts. Nonetheless, as the royal dramas go on, he’s definitely a winner – smart, brilliant and a whole lot smarter than he could have been.

The Naked Gun: From Police Squad Files!

If you’ve had enough of the same old starchy royal dramas, it might be worth diving into David Zucker’s goofy 1988 comedy, which starred Leslie Nielsen as an incompetent police detective out to foil a plot to assassinate the queen. Elizabeth is expertly played by Jeannette Charles – the sight of her attending a baseball game remains one of cinema’s funniest spins on the monarch.


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