La Joaqui told the details of her sex scene with Nicolás Furtado and revealed the trick they used


Joaqui left the competitions freestyle ready to eat the middle, and her national fiction debut came unexpectedly at the hands of Nicholas Furtado. She felt that one of her songs would serve as a curtain Fringe and told his family. But when the call came they didn’t just want the theme: they wanted me to debut as an actor.

“The script said ‘sex scene’, it didn’t say ‘you come, you caress him, you run your tongue over his stomach.’ never acted“, he said about the situation he was about to tell. And it is that the first scene that she shot in her life was with a content of high tension.

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La Joaqui was one of the few women to have competed in the major Argentine freestyle leagues. (Photo: Instagram @lajoaqui)

How La Joaqui experienced the sex scene with Nicolás Furtado

Joaqui went to make his television debut not knowing what to expect from the day. “I was ashamed and I couldn’t take off my shirt. I arrived and I said to myself that I had to put on a nice little panties”, she revealed.

Although he tried to make the character prevail, his insecurities gave him no respite: “I used to say ‘since I’m La Joaqui, I have to act a little real’ when I saw the kid so calm. She thought: “If I act really good, he’ll think I really like him, and if I act really bad, I’ll blow myself up on Twitter.”

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And he added: “Besides that, this kid is playing with gorgeous girls, if I stayed in my underwear there was less meat than in a fried egg. But I took courageMe in panties and him in boxers.

The scene filmed by Nicolás Furtado and La Joaqui for "Fringe" came out first.  (Picture: Video capture)
The scene that Nicolás Furtado and La Joaqui filmed for “El Marginal” came out on the first try. (Picture: Video capture)

Until the director wants more and asks them to take off their underwear. “The I told Nico that I was scared and ashamed. He told me to encourage me to show that I was a professional. Later, he told me that she “had already seen a lot of girls without a shirt”, and more nervous I went up,” he said between laughs.

“Finally, we dare and they made him put on a stocking, as if to avoid rubbing“, he declared to the surprise of the other guests of PH, We can talk (Telefe). “I was afraid to enter this way in case I had a roll, but I wasn’t going to stay stiff either because they were going to think badly about my intimate performance”he detailed.

“Suddenly Nico asked me what music I like to listen to. I told him that Los Redondos and then he asked ‘put the girl Los Redondos’. There, the atmosphere has changed, to this day I hear that and I remember it. The scene came out the first time, fortunately”he concluded.


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