Letterkenny Bloopers Funnier Than Original Scene


The hockey players are led by a pair of tanned, vapid frat-bros named Reilly and Jonesy, played by Dylan Playfair and Andrew Herr, respectively. Like seemingly everyone else in the town of Letterkenny, the duo’s immature and superficial antics belie their all-pervading wit and thoughtfulness. The same can be said for Playfair and Herr themselves – perhaps minus the immaturity.

The duo feature in so many of the top “Letterkenny” bloopers, and for good reason. Unlike, say, Keeso, who is particularly fond of his lines (since he wrote them), Playfair and Herr are young, funny, and free to improvise often. They add depth to multiple lines by contrasting swirling witticisms with organic, improvisational rhythms. When this is paired with their propensity to break each other’s calm, the duo’s considerable screen time in the blooper reel seems inevitable.

One of the simplest, yet laugh-intensive exits from “Letterkenny” comes when Herr is scripted to say, “So, do we need to spruce up our look?” The actor sometimes finds himself silent when he tries certain words, which is certainly the case in this clip. Here, “spruce” is Herr’s bane, and he repeatedly replaces it with “bruce”. The mistake eventually becomes intentional and makes the exchange feel naturalistic and playful for everyone in the scene.


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