Madison Cawthorn is gay? What happened? leaked photos


A new video of scandal-ridden Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn being groped in the crotch by a friend and close colleague is a complaint calling for his investigation and filed with the Congressional Ethics Office today. In the center, can tell the revelation.

The extraordinary footage, obtained exclusively by and seen for the first time here today, shows Cawthorn, 26, sitting in a car with his close assistant and mastermind Stephen Smith, 23.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, apparently filmed by Smith, Cawthorne said in an exaggerated accent, “I felt the passion and the desire, and I wanted to see my men naked.”

The camera then turns to Smith to say “Me too”, while Cawthorn hears laughter. Smith then filmed himself reaching for Cawthorn’s crotch.

The video is one of several exhibits submitted in support of an ethics complaint written by the political organization Fire Madison Cawthorn.

On Thursday, Cawthorn appeared to allude to the scandal in a tweet, which read, “If a lot of my colleagues grew up with cellphones in their hands, they wouldn’t be far from politics.

From the driver’s seat, Cawthorn said, “I felt the passion and the desire to see the naked body under my hands.”

The complaint calls for an investigation into the band’s alleged series of actions that place Cawthorn firmly on the wrong side of various internal rules.

Among the many allegations was one that the North Carolina 11th Circuit representative owed Smith thousands of dollars in loans, had an inappropriate relationship with Smith employees, and popular posts and gifts on social media suggested he was so close, so much so that the employee joined Cawthorn on their honeymoon in Dubai in April 2021.

Cawthorn offered Smith free housing, travel and loans, but none of these were reported or repaid, the documents show.

The complaint also calls for an investigation into the nature of Cawthorn’s relationship with Smith and says the junior partner lived with Cawthorn.

Cawthorn’s home in Hendersonville, North Carolina was listed as Smith’s home address in Cawthorn’s FEC documents with Smith’s campaign funds, which are attached to the complaint, and confirmed independently that Smith is actually registered there.

In addition to this form of housing, the document claims that “their various social media posts indicate a personal relationship between them, independent of the professional relationship between employer and employee”.

Smith’s relationship with Cawthorn was so close that the young man joined Cawthorn on his honeymoon in Dubai in April 2021, according to the ethics complaint.

Asked for comment, Calthawn spokesman Luke Ball said he was unable to respond until he saw the video. He said Smith and Cawthorn were cousins.

An image included in an exhibit submitted in support of the ethics inquiry appears to show Cawthorn and Smith poolside. Cawthorn lay there covered only by a towel, his arms draped over Smith, who rested his head on the boss’s shoulders and put his hands on Cawthorn’s hips.

Another image shows the men enjoying a “snow day” with Smith, who sits next to Cawthorn on the ATV with his arms around Cawthorn’s shoulders.


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