Madison Cawthorn Videos Make Trump ‘Completely Weird’


Donald Trump helped make Rep. Madison Cawthorn a star of the MAGA movement, but now lawmakers risk falling out of Donald’s good graces.

Just a month after inviting Cawthorn to speak at a rally in North Carolina, Trump grew increasingly annoyed and disappointed with his apprentice MAGA. The twice-impeached former president has described some of what he’s heard about Cawthorn’s latest woes — and the online sexual images associated with it — as “crass,” according to two sources who heard Trump speak about. the issue over the past two weeks. .

Over the past three weeks, someone (or a group) has shared home videos of Cawthorn engaging in sexually suggestive antics in an apparent attempt to raise questions about his sexuality to voters in North Carolina. Cawthorn pushed back dismissing the videos as years old attempts at humorsaying that their release is part of a conspiracy of ‘the left.

Trump, for his part, is unimpressed. “Trump isn’t about to pull his endorsement, but the [former] the president says he wants to sit down and see what happens,” one of the sources recalled. “But he was disappointed with Madison and thinks he’s having a hard time dealing with his [public relations]especially with the video and photos that have surfaced.

The other source said Trump had lately expressed bewilderment and disgusted confusion about what he had been told about the flood of leaks and images, asking at some point in recent days if the one of the allegations was that Cawthorn was “fuck his cousin?” (That’s not one of the allegations. Instead, Cawthorn’s cousin, who is also on his staff, appears in some of the videos where sex is discussed.)

The former “President Trump is completely freaked out by the allegations,” a third source, an ally of Trump, said bluntly. rolling stone.

“President Trump is my friend and the leader of our party. I don’t trust anonymous sources and nameless accusations,” Cawthorn said. rolling stone in a report. “Fake news attacks MAGA warriors every day. Their lies won’t stop me from fighting for an America First program in Congress.

A Trump spokesperson did not comment on this story.

Cawthorn has courted controversy several times before the recent leaks. He spoke at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington on the day of the uprising and urged voters to “slightly threaten” representatives who refused to help overturn the election during an appearance at a Turning Points USA conference. He also called on embattled Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky”a thug” threatens “bloodshedabout future elections, and posed for some selfies of disconcerting enthusiasm at Adolf Hitler’s former mountain retreat.

But his gaffes never hindered his rise as a star in the MAGA world until the attacks on him were aimed at his sexuality.

The source who heard Trump’s lewd question about Cawthorn’s cousin noted that the ex-president was keen to say that while Cawthorn needs to “get his act together,” as the source paraphrased him, he has the “right ones.” opinions and said what Trump wants the 2020 presidential election, for example. (Trump has demanded that his allies propagate his anti-democratic lies about this election being “stolen,” and has largely made it a litmus test of who in his party he approves of and who he is trying to destroy. politically.)

While Cawthorn’s endorsement is secure for now, his political fate now rests in hands that have been notoriously fickle throughout the Republican primaries and the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections. primaries thus far, Trump’s decision-making has repeatedly been guided by whether or not he thinks a conservative is, for example, “fucking disgusting”, “fucking rude” or “fucking weird. »

Trump’s recent lack of outward and vocal support has left Cawthorn – facing a seemingly endless string of scandals including allegations of insider trading, multiple gun violations and leaked sex videos – vulnerable attacks from his many traditional Republican enemies. And he faces defections even among the MAGA faithful.

“What I find interesting is that no one really comes out and defends him on a national level. The Marjorie Taylor Greenes, the Matt Gaetzes, the Lauren Boeberts – those people don’t come to defend him,” said George Erwin, a former Cawthorn district manager who regrets his support for the U.S. congressman. rolling stone Friday.

Cawthorn’s extremely online friends in Congress — House Republicans such as the aforementioned Greene, Gaetz and Boebert — haven’t stepped up to defend him since videos and photos began leaking in late April. A review of congress tweets by rolling stone shows that so far only the representative Paul Gosar praised for the beleaguered North Carolina Republican, while the House and Senate GOP remained silent.

In recent years, Cawthorn had also made his share of petty enemies among his fellow MAGA politicians and candidates in the Tar Heel State, privately portraying himself to his fellow Trumpists as the true guardian of the state of the 45th President, two people familiar with the situation. mentioned. “He thinks he’s a big hit,” one of the people said.

Erwin — a former sheriff in Henderson County, North Carolina — says he’s seen a similar pattern unfold locally. “I know a lot of people who gave him substantial amounts of money, worked hard for him, supported him and, mate, they step down or say ‘no way. We are not going there,” he added.

Over the past few months, Cawthorn has hemorrhaged scandals. Experts have questioned whether his ownership and endorsement of a Cryptocurrency “Let’s Go Brandon” violated insider trading rules. And at the end of April, he was arrested for the second time at a North Carolina Airport and issued a citation for carrying a loaded handgun while attempting to breach security.

Cawthorn’s critics have also repeatedly distributed photos and videos — each purportedly from someone formerly close to Cawthorn or his campaign — showing him in embarrassing situations. The leaked content appears to be aimed, at least in part, at getting conservative voters to question Cawthorn’s sexuality.

“This guy is a real mess,” said Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor and MAGAland stalwart who sometimes advises Trump on the 2022 candidates. “I think he needs to pursue another line of work in the private sector. There’s too much drama swirling around him that he has to explain. He constantly dismisses sketchy behavior saying it was a long time ago; but he’s only 26, so it’s not wasn’t that long… I have nothing personal against him; I just don’t think he needs to be a “new face” of the party with all the pics and videos coming out. established politicians to stand beside him.

In April, Policy got pictures of Cawthorn cruising in lingerie and posing with two women. A week later, the Daily Mail published a Cawthorne video saying he “would like to see a naked body under my hands” while a staff member’s hand is near his groin.

The video comes from an ethics complaint against Cawthorn filed by American Muckrakers PAC, a political action committee led by Democrats opposed to his re-election, which asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate “whether rules or of the house’s bylaws were violated by the relationship between Rep. Cawthorn” and the staff member depicted in the Daily Mail video.

This week, the PAC released another video showing a naked Cawthorn “dry punching someone’s head” allegedly shared by “a former Cawthorn supporter and major donor who asked to remain anonymous.”

Since the video of what appeared to be Cawthorn’s youthful antics, critics have called the leak an irresponsible attempt to fuel and legitimize homophobia in the quest to unseat the North Carolina Republican. In an interview Thursday, Morris Davis, a former Air Force colonel who ran against Cawthorn as a Democrat in 2020, defended the PAC’s decision to release the video and its alleged relevance to the campaign.

“The reason we published it is simply Cawthorn’s blatant hypocrisy. Its bread and butter is the Christian right. He’s trying, he says, to shut down the liberal, anti-family, anti-American talk — all that narrative he’s embraced when he does stuff like that,” Davis told Rolling Stone. “I don’t lose sleep worrying about Madison Cawthorn. I think people have a right to know how hypocritical he is.

By Friday, however, the PAC had quietly removed the video from its website.

Cawthorn also clashed with much of MAGAworld when he endorsed Josh Mandel in the Ohio Republican Senate primary. This put Cawthorn on the wrong side of the former president’s feud with the more traditional conservative club for growth and its chairman, David McIntosh, who has been a key backer for Mandel.

Trump stayed away from official endorsement of the main event until the final weeks of the race, when grim rumors about McIntosh’s personal habits spread by Fox News host Tucker Carlson helped Trump to further rejecting the Club and ultimately endorsing Vance. But before Trump intervened, Cawthorn’s closest allies in the MAGA caucus had already signaled that they were avoiding Mandel. Greene endorsed Vance in January, describing him as a “conservative warrior who the entire America First movement must fight for us.” Gaetz hailed Vance as having “organized a clinic in the Ohio Senate debates” in early April and echoed Trump’s endorsement from the Ivy League financier a few days later.


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