Maserati Grecale: photos, engines, output, hybrid version


Films await you on March 22, indicated by a red circle if you are a fan of the Trident: on this day, the maserati will finally reveal the Grecalethe long-awaited little sister of the Levante whose launch, scheduled for last November, is postponed to 2022 mainly due to the flea crisis.

I see – I don’t see. These latest photos released by the House show the medium SUV with decidedly lighter camouflage than in the past (remember the long series of “spies” in black and blue livery?) and allow us to understand a few elements so far hidden. For example, the design of the bumpers is clearly distinguished (with sporty but not excessively tormented lines, especially at the rear), the grille with chrome strips is “bare” and the style and contours of the headlights are better perceived. Details also stand out from the slight striptease such as the Trident logo applied to the rear pillar, the pronounced spoiler which dominates the rear window (very inclined) and the chrome strip which connects the taillights.

While waiting for the electric, there is the hybrid. The sequel will be unveiled in full in a few weeks, except for new advances to pass the wait. Many had already been seen on the way, between one spy photo and another: we therefore refer you to previous episodes for some hints on the insideor on what is supposed to be the Trophy variant. At Quattroruote, we also had the opportunity to bring a prototype of the Grecale to Vairano, to whip out the 2.0 variant of the 300 horsepower (integral) mild-hybrid turbocharger. Based on the Giorgio platform of the FCA group – already appreciated with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio – the Grecale will offer other engines. The most noble, with the V6 Nettuno, should go to the Trofeo, while there will be electrified variants. In addition to the aforementioned mild hybrid, a rechargeable hybrid engine awaits the arrival, in 2023, of the Grecale Folgore, that is to say electric.


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