Master Chief’s Sex Scene Can’t Even Save The Halo TV Show


When Paramount first announced the Halo TV series based on the popular early 2000s video game franchise, fans were excited, but skeptical. Sadly, the show’s first season has already proven their worst fears to be true, and even a proven sex scene doesn’t seem to be helping this show win over fans.

Warning! This article contains minor spoilers for Halo Season 1, Episode 8.

In Episode 8, Master Chief, played by Orange and New Black “Pornstache” actor Pablo Schreiber, has a very special encounter with The Covenant’s Makee, played by Charlie Murphy.

The episode begins with what looks like a very cringe-worthy date between the two and quickly evolves into a full-fledged love scene WHILE CORTANA WATCHES. Sure, the scene itself wasn’t explicit, but the emotional scars are still very real.

What’s crazy is that this seemingly laughable break in all that is righteous and holy in the Halo universe could actually be a major plot point, especially if fan theories are correct about it, leading to a Spartan/Covenant appearance. Wouldn’t that be something?

So why are the writers of the show essentially doing live-action fan fics at this point? Nobody knows, but the reception has not been positive so far.

“As a fan of the show, I’m amazed at how much effort the creators of this show manage to butcher the source material every week,” a commenter offered on IMDB.

“Halo has fallen so far short of its potential,” says another IMDB commenter. “We could have easily had something great. Instead, after years and years of waiting, we get this. I just can’t understand how we got here. How did we get from Peter Jackson and Landfall to here?

The show’s Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score stands at 52% while it maintains a solid 7 out of 10 on IMDB. It’s not an entirely awful score, and it’s important to note that not all fans hate the show, but let’s hope the writers can regain fan loyalty soon.

The next episode of Halo will be released on May 19, only on Paramount+.

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