New Amsterdam’s Ryan Eggold breaks down Sharpwin’s emotional scene and what’s next after Reynolds’ big decision


Spoilers ahead for episode 15 of New Amsterdam Season 4, titled “Two Doors”.

Max is back in town on New Amsterdam, and he’s not going anywhere until he kicks Veronica Fuentes out of her old job. While it initially seemed like he didn’t have many options to try to bring her down since he’s no longer employed at the hospital, he and Brantley found a way to try and get a sits on the hospital board, with some unexpected help. of Reynolds despite the betrayal. Unfortunately, Max plots against Fuentes when the love of his life is at an ocean, but he and Helen made it out by the end of “Two Doors”. Star Ryan Eggold spoke with CinemaBlend about their “tricky” love scene, and more for what’s to come.

Ryan Eggold also directed “Two Doors,” so he served double duty in Sharpwin’s unconventional love scene that saw Max and Helen finally reconnect… over the phone. It was proof of how the show can keep Freema Agyeman on the show even though Helen is in London, as well as how their romance can survive the breakup. Eggold explained how he approached the final phone scene between Sharpwin as actor and director:

I was really excited to shoot this just because it was something that we hadn’t seen these characters do yet. And it was kind of sensitive and delicate stuff. And there is real intimacy. And as an actor, it was just about sitting and feeling that kind of thing, missing someone and wanting to connect and trying to physically touch them when you can’t, d ‘trying to touch someone but you only have the words and only you have that phone. And as a director, it was really about finding that sense of emotional connection and intimacy. It wasn’t about sex or phone sex or anything like that as much as desperately wanting to connect with someone and be around them when you can’t. So it was just about finding that feeling of nostalgia, and then that feeling of real connection, even if it’s over the phone. It was really fun to shoot. We found some great photos and Freema always looks amazing on camera. So it was a joy.

Playing phone tag (and some hilarious mistimed flirting about a gazebo) for most of “Two Doors” was a look at the kinds of challenges they face now that Max and Helen are home. across the Atlantic, but the love scene at the end showed that they have what it takes to survive the separation. Also, Max finally took a break from his mission to eliminate Fuentes at the end of the hour, just when it looked like his mission to recruit workers for the Urgent Care Center appeared to be a complete failure. .

New Amsterdam brought back everyone who lost their jobs in the initial round of layoffs, plus Bloom herself, to lend Max a hand, but it wasn’t because Max asked. Instead, it was Reynolds who called everyone after having trouble working with Fuentes on a case. Casey, Gladys, Baptiste, Agnes, Billing’s Sandra Fall, and Bloom showed up for emergency care, which bodes well not only for Max’s mission, but for Reynolds who may deserve a pardon.

Bloom would be well within his rights not to want to do anything Reynolds suggests, since his betrayal cost him his job despite his good intentions. But she showed up and could be one of Max’s most valuable allies on the outside. Ryan Eggold explained what Reynolds’ decision to recruit all of these people means for Max going forward:

It means everything. I love how they wrote this story, which unfolds in this episode where these two guys are kind of at odds and both feel betrayed by each other. Floyd feels like Max left them to fend for themselves, and Max feels like Floyd sold everyone out. And I think they kind of realized they were kinda mad at [themselves]. For example, Max is angry with himself and Reynolds is angry with himself. And Reynolds makes this nice gesture to straighten things out that I think completely catches Max off guard when he kind of lost hope. And then you have this big emotional moment with everyone, where we end up on Janet [Montgomery] introduce yourself and throw our slogan in there. And that’s cool. It was cool to have all these characters in one room. It was really fun.

Bloom was the only one to say “How can I help?” in this episode of New Amsterdam, so the future looks at least a little brighter than it did right after Reynolds’ betrayal. There was even a bit of humor in the script before Reynolds made the call to recruit allies to Max’s cause, especially with Gladys revealing that the nationwide nursing shortage has transformed her. into a highly sought-after commodity with choice of jobs and hours. As Gladys was living her best life before deciding to help Max, Ryan Eggold said:

Gladys is just crushing it. I mean, sunglasses, shopping. It was part of the humor that we were playing with, it was like these characters were happier or freer. You know, New Amsterdam has a cost and they take advantage of these beautiful situations. But then what brings everyone back is that their family here is worth saving, you know?

Max has taken a big step forward in his mission to oust Fuentes thanks to Reynolds’ off-screen intervention, but there’s still a long way to go unless they can pull off a miracle. Wilder and Iggy are dealing with their own issues within the hospital, and Reynolds can probably only get out of line when he’s on Fuentes’ radar. Ryan Eggold previewed the sequel to what appears to be essentially The Resistance 2.0:

I know it’s going to be an uphill battle. And I know Max doesn’t even really have all the answers on how he’s going to do this. But I know he believes that this seat on the board of directors is the beginning of it. And of course the challenges will be greater than he anticipates, but he has his foot in the door. I don’t think Max is leaving until he realizes that.

Max is back for as long as it takes to oust Fuentes from the hospital, which is good news for the doctors he left behind in New York, but perhaps sad news when it comes to Sharpwin. soon sharing scenes in the flesh. Fans can at least be happy that the good guys are gaining ground against Fuentes just when it seemed all hope was lost, and the promo for the next episode indicates that Max might be about to pop the question to Helen. He has to be inventive if he wants to defeat Fuentes, and his chances look better after “Two Doors” than after Vijay’s death.

Unfortunately, New Amsterdam now heading for another break. Mini-series The thing about Pam will resume the 10 p.m. ET timeslot on Tuesdays starting March 8 on NBC, and the hospital drama won’t return until April 19. Still, it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to, and you can always look back on past seasons of New Amsterdam with a Peacock account, plus more viewing options in the 2022 TV schedule.


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