Nude photos sent to Morgan County kids


MOORESVILLE, Ind. – Parents in Morgan County fear their children could fall victim to receiving pornographic photos as part of a possible scam. So far, we’ve only heard from many Morgan County residents.

“It just popped. I just opened it, and it’s right there,” Tinsley Thompson said, shocked at the pornographic image sent straight to her text inbox.

Thompson and his family have been receiving obscene text messages for two years. Typically, these messages come in the form of graphical written texts that usually come with clickable links. She turned to her service provider AT&T for help, but said the company has yet to put a stop to it.

“I reported them, immediately deleted them, and told my son to do the same, but that’s a whole new story,” Thompson said.

This week, she received a nude photo straight to her phone from a stranger. The belief is that the text is from an automated sender or “bot”. Another 12-year-old from Morgan County received a similar photo.

“It could have gotten to me [13-year-old] son, and if this photo passed from one teenager to another? asked Thompson. “What if that happened and a teenager said, ‘Hey, is this lady interesting? “Maybe I should start talking to him?”

We spoke with cyber lawyer Andrew Rossow about these messages. He thinks they are part of a “smishing” scam. Photos are an input message to get the recipient to eventually click on a link. This allows the hacker to access their information.

“If it’s something where you have to type something, don’t,” Rossow explained. “What you should do is immediately take a screenshot, contact your local law enforcement to make sure a report is filed, contact someone from the FBI, as well as your internet service provider.”

As mentioned above, we’ve only seen these messages pop up for Morgan County residents. Rossow has a theory as to why.

“It’s very possible, looking at the software, that [a program] could be used to generate all types of [phone number] combination in a particular zip code,” Rossow said.


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