Paisley man ‘chased out of town’ after stockpiling child sex abuse footage


A vile pervert from Paisley has been kicked out of town after watching violent child sex abuse films for almost three years.

Craig Douglas, of Blackstoun Road in the city, has admitted storing a sickening collection of photos and videos, including a youngster being raped.

The twisted 23-year-old admitted that on several occasions between December 2017 and September 2020, at his home, he kept the gruesome material.

Douglas, 23, also admitted that, within a similar time frame, at his home and elsewhere, he had taken or permitted the taking of indecent pictures of children.

Tax prosecutor Kerry Marshall told the court how Douglas was discovered when cops raided his family home where he lived with his two older brothers and his father.

Sick Douglas was found with 15 Category A motion pictures alongside several other videos and images from different categories.

Ms Marshall explained: ‘At approximately 7am on September 24, 2020, police attended the location in possession of a search warrant where entry was authorized by the defendant’s father.

“At the entrance to the property, the accused and his brothers were found in their respective rooms.

“A search commenced and DC McIntosh and Brennan seized a black Samsung cell phone from the accused. The accused provided a PIN code for the mobile.

“A black Dell laptop computer and a WD external hard drive were also seized from the defendant’s bedroom, along with several other electronic devices seized throughout the property.

“At approximately 8:30 a.m., forensic analysts James McIntosh and Mark McLeod from the Cybercrime Unit attended the scene and conducted a forensic examination of the recovered devices.

“FCA James McIntosh informed DC McIntosh that a quantity of Category A moving images had been recovered from the Samsung mobile belonging to the defendant.

“The accused was arrested and taken to Greenock Police Station.”

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The court heard a review of the device was carried out by DC Allan Robb and Calum Baird of the Cybercrime Unit.

The report showed that a total of 25 still and moving indecent images of children were recovered from the Samsung mobile. Of these, 22 were accessible and could be divided into categories.

– 15 category A moving pictures, two category B moving pictures, one category C moving picture, one category B still picture and three category C still pictures.

Ms Marshall explained an example of a Grade A moving picture showing ‘a naked girl about eight years old’ being raped.

Defense agent Manus Tolland told the court that Douglas no longer lived in the area because he was essentially being “chased out of town”.

Mr. Tolland reserved further mitigation for substantive reporting.

Sheriff Eoin McGinty postponed the sentencing for the preparation of a criminal justice social work report and an assessment of the restraining order.

Douglas will return to court next month and has been placed on the sex offender register in the meantime.

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