Police warning New Forest parents after explicit photos were posted on social media


POLICE have issued a warning to parents after eight-year-old children in New Forest were found to have shared explicit photos on social media.

Hampshire Constabulary said it is aware of incidents of sexting, which refers to self-taken nude, semi-nude or sexual photos, videos and posts shared on Snapchat and TikTok.

Urging parents to educate themselves on the risks and discuss the topic with their children, a spokesperson said: “There are so many risks for children that come with this type of activity.

children as young as eight have been discovered to have shared explicit photographs

“This could lead to bullying, sextortion – a form of cybercrime and blackmail in which victims are tricked into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam, camera on a smartphone – and exploitation, in more than having a significant impact on your child’s mental health.”

Parents are advised to remind their children that not everyone online is a friend and not always who they say they are.

The police spokesperson added: “It’s always worth considering reviewing the apps they use as well as parental controls and privacy settings on the devices, mobile apps and social networks they use. they can also use.”

As reported in the A&T, former Hounsdown School student Megan Hinton has been humiliated after a nude photo of her was shared on social media after she was tricked into sending it by a student pretending to be a boy.

She has spent the past five years working with police, teachers and the government on the issue.

Anyone concerned that a child is being exploited online should call the police on 101.


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