Sexually Explicit Videos Made at Michigan High School


TOWNSHIP OF PENNFIELD CHARTER, Michigan (DRINK) — A Michigan school system is warning parents against sexually explicit videos and photos of students produced at its high school.

The Pennfield Schools letter says the school administration discovered “two incidents involving the creation and distribution of inappropriate high school video and imagery” that include nudity and students engaging in sexual acts. The photos and videos were then shared among students at the school on social media and “other electronic means”, the letter said.

The students involved being minors, the photos and videos are considered child pornography. Citing the Michigan Penal Code, the letter states that “the possession, distribution and creation of child pornography is a felony and a federal felony and may result in a prison sentence of up to 20 years in prison.”

The district reminds parents in middle school, high school, or any student with access to social media to have media conversations with their children. If their children are in possession of the photos or videos, parents are advised to have their children delete them permanently.

If students have sent them to others, they should reach out and let recipients know the seriousness of their actions, the district recommended.

Pennfield Schools said they are working with local law enforcement, counselors, child protective services and other community agencies.


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