Shameful: To cast in films, the director made such a request to the actress, there was a heckling “


The director expressed his desire to have sex with an actress in exchange for being chosen in the film. Police detained the alleged casting director from the Titwala region of Maharashtra. Confirming this, Inspector Dhananjay Ligade of Malad PS said in a media statement that the director had demanded intimate photos of the actress. However, when the actress refused to have sex, the director threatened to go viral on social media.

At the same time, some time ago there were reports in which the names of South actresses were also revealed, Sri Reddy is among those domineering actresses, who raised their voice against the casting couch in the cinema of South. A producer of the film exploited the actress on behalf of the job. After which Sri Reddy was seen sitting shirtless in front of the producer’s office.

South Movie actress Kajal Aggarwal has also been targeted by media reports due to her kissing scene. There was also a kiss scene of her and Randeep Hooda in two words. Speaking of what Kajal Aggarwal said this was his first kissing scene. But the truth was that she also gave such scenes in many South Cinema films.

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