Starstruck star on the set of a sex scene with her real boyfriend


Filming sex scenes can be awkward enough as it is, but we guess it can actually be even more awkward when it’s actually with your real partner.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Emma Sidi, who explained what the process was like for her while filming the next series of Starstruck.

Season 2 opens with Bidi’s character, Kate, having sex with her boyfriend Ian, played by Emma’s real-life boyfriend, Al Roberts, when her best friend Jessie walks in.

The actress confessed that it was all “a little weird” saying, “I kiss Al a lot and so in that scene I was kissing my real boyfriend and I was nervous before.


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“But actually, in that situation, it was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I do this every day.'”

Despite their off-screen relationship, the couple still had the help of an intimacy coordinator.

“We were both thinking, do we really need this? But actually, oh my God, it made such a difference,” she said.

“We were so lucky to have him. Because, you know, having comedic sex for a few seconds is obviously very different from the real thing.”

emma sidi


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The star continued, “Everyone has their flaws, but we’re not on camera, you know, so it was really, really helpful to have an outside eye to guide us, put us at ease and [they] gave us a bouncy ball we never would have thought of, obviously that really helped.

“It made me feel very lucky in the times we live in that even though it’s your own boyfriend, there’s still so much in place for you to feel so comfortable. and solidarity as possible.

“But yeah, it was memorable. I feel like it’s something I might, or in fact maybe not, mention to the grandkids.”

Starstruck season 2 will air on BBC Three on February 7 at 10 p.m. Starstruck season 1 is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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