Tamra Judge Says Whitney Rose’s Sex Painting Scene Was ‘A Lot Of Cringe’ And ‘Hot’


It was not a good Sunday to have eyes. the The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City the final episode was one trope after another. The Housewives throw glasses with the wrong aim, drag out Twitter arguments from previous seasons, and now we have the Sexual Rejuvenation arc. The On-Display Special. Champagne-grand-papi edition. The painting and spanking scene that we were all subjected to was haunting. I have never laughed so much looking between my fingers. Whitney Rose really went for it, I’ll give it to her.

During a recent episode of Watch what’s happening live, Judge Tamra discussed the scene with Andy Cohen. Andy chided: “I want to talk about the big highlight of the final, Whitney’s sex scene. Tamra, any thoughts? Of course, who can forget the unbearable bathtub scene Tamra put us through when she first started dating. judge eddie. She laughed, “Heart, shut up. As the girl who did a bathtub scene, Whitney, you surpassed me. That’s not the compliment I would compete for, but maybe that’s me.

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Andy almost seemed offended when he asked, “Wow. Do you feel that she has surpassed you tonight? Tamra gave a political response to the housewife and said: ‘She has outdone me and I just want to pass the torch on to her. I really do it because it was hot. Was it good? Even Andy couldn’t stand her being sickening. He went on to bluntly ask Tamra whether or not she found the scene between Whitney and her husband who is old enough to be her father.

Tamra admitted the scene was uncomfortable. “A lot of gnashing of teeth,” she says. For once we agree.

Whitney has expressed concern for her children in the past regarding her image being shared on the Bravo screen. When the show debuted, she shared, “I really worry about my kids in the community, because what their friends’ parents might be seeing or thinking now. justin [Rose] and me.” I wonder what they think of this moment on the national stage.

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Whitney defended his future screen choices, saying, “It’s going to be seen both ways, I think, of disgust or aversion, but also if it’s profitable, it could be a good thing for Salt Lake City. .” Get this woman a key to the city!



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