The Boys’ Infamous Termite Sex Scene Was Inspired By A Certain Ant-Man & Thanos Meme


While Ant-Man sneaking into Thanos’ rectum would certainly have sped up the events of the Infinity Saga (perhaps the Avengers could have wrapped it up in one movie instead of two!), the MCU ultimately didn’t sent Paul Rudd into such uncharted territory. But on Prime Video, the writers of “The Boys” are always ready to create the most disturbing sex scenes known to man. Do you remember the time Popclaw crushed the skull of a man in ecstasy? It’s nothing compared to what happens in the first 15 minutes of the third season.

While making love to her boyfriend via her urethra, the termite makes the mistake of sneezing and shrinks back to normal size, tearing her partner apart. Kripke explained the scene’s origins during an interview with Variety:

“Craig Rosenberg wrote the screenplay and deserves most of it. They move through a writers room and the evolution of that sequence started with ‘We need the boys to fight a superhero’. So we ask, “What great superhero haven’t we done yet?” Someone says, “We haven’t done Ant-Man.” And then someone else says, “There’s that meme of Ant-Man climbing on Thanos’ butt and blasting him. So we should. We should give the public what Marvel can’t give them.” Then someone else raises their hand, hilariously, and says, “Haven’t we done an a**blast already?” What we did, in Season 1, with Translucent, which is hilarious.”

In Kripke’s own words, “Once you get the butts off the table, there’s really only so many orifices you can get into.” He added:

“It was Craig who made that argument. He’s like, ‘Look, the mouth ain’t funny and the ass was done.’ So we’re going to blaze a new trail through the eye of the needle, so to speak.”


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