The Boys stars reveal their safe word on the whale scene


The boys Stars Karl Urban and Jack Quaid recently revealed the safe word they used while filming Season 2’s infamous whale scene.

The couple described filming the action scene, which sees Billy Butcher ramming a whale with a speedboat, during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. “Jack Quaid is pale and he has a safe word and it’s ‘Karl’, right?” Karl, Karl, Karl,” Urban recalled. “So he’s in the front of the speedboat, and we pull him up and we’re getting some air, and it’s bang, bang, bang, and he shout loudly, shout “Karl!” Carl! Carl! I can’t hear it, because… there’s a helicopter hovering right above us filming all of this. So our plan failed.”

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During Quaid’s mock protests, Urban then shared a photo of his co-star taken the day the scene was filmed. While Quaid is visibly shaken in this image, he nonetheless raved about being part of one of the The boys‘ most memorable moments. “The fact that we had to cross a whale is just insane. I’ve never seen it before and I don’t think I will ever see it again,” Quaid said. “The fact that I literally and figuratively got to be in the belly of the whale, as an actor, is insane. I loved every second of it. It was definitely a ‘top goo’ moment for me.”

It is not yet known whether one of The boys the cast members used a safeword during the production of Season 3, however, it seems like a safeword might have come in handy. Antony Starr, who plays the villainous Homelander, recently detailed the “shocking” experience filming the “Herogasm” adaptation of the Prime Video series. Starr explained that filming this episode involved spending days on set surrounded by naked extras, which created a decidedly unusual working environment.

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The Kiwi actor, however, wasn’t called upon to recreate one of Homelander’s greatest “Herogasm” moments. The boys Showrunner Eric Kripke recently admitted that he and the show’s writers failed to work through a sexual encounter between The Seven frontman and Season 3 newcomer Soldier Boy. According to Kripke, that date was ultimately scrapped because it clashed with how Soldier Boy will be portrayed throughout the show’s third season.

Starr participated in a bizarre scene involving Homelander and a cow. He has since confirmed that the animal featured in the scene is indeed real, and revealed that he refused to learn how to milk a cow before filming, in order to better capture Homelander’s inexperience. The actor added that he didn’t enjoy the experience itself, comparing his bovine co-star’s udder to “a flabby little man’s tit”.

The boys Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Prime Video. Season 3 arrives on June 3.

Source: EW via Twitter

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