The El Camino scene Aaron Paul begged to keep in the movie


In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Paul has revealed the one Jesse Pinkman scene he begged to keep in “El Camino.” At the film’s climax, Jesse finds himself waiting outside a warehouse. Inside, the men who stole it earlier in the film entertain themselves with cocaine and sex workers. In order to avoid innocent victims, Jesse waits for the girls to leave, and while he waits he spots a black beetle. He lets the insect crawl on his hand and watches it gently.

According to Paul, the scene was almost abandoned. Paul explained, “The first AD came up to me and said, ‘We’re going to delete this little scene. We’ll head to that other plane. We’re running out of time” But the actor wasn’t ready to give up on the beetle scene and was able to convince the crew to film it. “I loved that moment so much,” Paul said. “I was like, ‘Look, let’s just set up the camera. We’ll do a take. Let’s do it.’ And that’s what we did and it happened.”

In the context of “El Camino”, the beetle scene is a final moment of calm before a bloody confrontation filled with bullets and explosions and a final journey to a new life at the end of the film. It looks like Jesse is relating to the little bug, and as he turns it over in his hands, Paul’s playing betrays a deep pain in Jesse’s eyes. It’s a little moment of insight into the depths of the character. As Paul said, “I love those little moments that get into Jesse’s heart.”


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