The first photos of the James Webb Telescope have appeared



James Webb Telescope

Earlier, the agency said the images will be dramatically different from satellite images taken by similar space telescopes.

NASA has released the first images taken in space with the world’s most expensive James Webb telescope. The photos appeared on the agency’s Twitter on Friday, February 11.

Images were to be blurry and repeat from all 18 segments of Webb’s primary mirror.

“The first engineering images produced by this stage of the process, called ‘segment image identification’, combine over 1000 images to form 18 unfocused versions of a single star. This serves as a starting point for gradually merging the mirror segments of Webb into one exact system”, — reports the agency.

HD 84406 is a sun-like star in the constellation Ursa Major, which includes the Ursa Major star pattern, located approximately 260 light-years away. It is too dark to be seen with the naked eye.

NASA noted that it would take up to three months to align the Webb mirror segments for all 18 segments to function as a single cohesive mirror. Once complete, the telescope will be ready for its mission – look deeper into the universe than ever before.

Note that the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope is the largest and most powerful space telescope ever launched. It is now at an observation point called the Earth-Sun 2 Lagrange point, a stable region of space about a million miles from Earth in the direction of the Sun.

Recall that the James Webb telescope is a joint effort of the American (NASA), European (ESA) and Canadian (CSA) space agencies. It was collected in 2019.


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