The Kyoko scene in Horimiya that went too far


As with any manga or anime that combines the names of the two central characters, it’s no surprise that “Horimiya” ends up finding the two high school kids engaging in “intimate behavior” of one kind or another. However, some fans thought the implication of a sexual relationship, even though it happened off-screen, developed too quickly and unexpectedly.

Posting about the scene in question on Reddit, user u/Sofi-kun said, “As someone who started watching Horimiya without knowing anything about the source material, this episode really shocked me…” Redditor u/FlickJagger agreed that moment in the episode was just too much, writing, “I saw it yesterday, and man, it’s still bugging my head.” And another Reddit user also appeared to be taken aback by the startling development, saying “On Funimation they showed them lying in bed…He walks in for a kiss and the scene cuts out. Then after the ending credits, they show them both naked (you only see the collar bone and face) and a bite mark on the back of Izumi’s neck My jaw dropped and my mind was blown.

So while the show probably shouldn’t be blamed for tackling relevant issues like teenage sex and intimacy, this particular scene was apparently the Kyoko moment in “Horimiya” that definitely went too far for some. number of fans.


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