‘The Northman’ star Alexander Skarsgård received his volcano scene thong as a gift after filming


It is not uncommon for actors to receive wrapping gifts at the end of production, with cast members often receiving glitzy keepsakes reflecting their time and experience during filming, however, Alexander Skarsgård’s gift of his own bloody thong from The man from the north was certainly unusual.

The man from the north brings to life the Norse Viking story that inspired Shakespeare Hamlet, and, as if the playwright’s famous play wasn’t dark and brooding enough already, Robert Eggers’ film takes things a step further with its Icelandic setting and long bloody battle scenes. It was one of those battle scenes, which nevertheless takes place on top of a volcano, that led to Alexander Skarsgård’s gift.

Alexander Skarsgard plays Amleth

Alexander Skarsgård as Amleth | Focus characteristics

Set of 10and-century Iceland, The man from the north follows Prince Amleth (Skarsgård) on his quest to avenge the murder of his father. As in Shakespeare Hamlet, the king (Ethan Hawke) was murdered by Amleth’s uncle and Amleth’s mother, Gudrun (played by Nicole Kidman), and then becomes Amleth’s uncle’s wife.

The man from the northThe haunting trailer reveals Amleth’s triple purpose with his lyrical mantra: “I will avenge you, Father.” I will save you, Mother. I’ll kill you, Fjolner,” however, NPR’s Terry Gross points out that Eggers’ The Northman is more than just a “revenge drama. Amleth may look like a righteous avenger on par with the warriors of “Conan the Barbarian”, “Braveheart” and “Gladiator”, but he also turns out to be a more misguided and deluded hero than he seems.

The cast of ‘The Northman’ was sold out after filming the Robert Eggers film

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Rebert Eggers is known for his intense dedication to realism in his films and The man from the north is no exception. Using long, uninterrupted shots to lend authenticity to the film, Egger’s battle scenes were some of the toughest to shoot, with Skarsgård narrating a four-minute take Interview involving dozens of stuntmen and horses all doing choreography intense and complex combat.

At the end of filming The man from the north, Skarsgård said: “You are so exhausted that you want to cry. You feel like you’ve finally worked out all the fight choreography, but then you have to start over and over and over again.

the true blood However, the star wasn’t the only one to suffer during filming. With Skarsgård, who was chained and dragged through the mud during filming, The man from the north‘s Anya Taylor-Joy (known for her role as Beth Harmon in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit) was forced to stand barefoot in freezing mud until she begged for filming to start and the shot to be completed so she could get help, reports Total Film.

Alexander Skarsgård’s Thong and Other Wraparound Gifts from ‘The Northman’

A rather unconventional wrapping gift, Skarsgård’s thong was an essential piece of Amleth’s costume for the final battle in Jhe Northman. While on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSkarsgård told Stephen Colbert, reports Weekly entertainment. “It wasn’t a choice, it was a gift,” before revealing a photo of Amleth’s blood-soaked thong.

He then joked, “That’s how much they appreciated my performance, my contribution to this movie… The final fight takes place on an erupting volcano and we’re naked. I mean, where else would it be put? So that’s what I wore for a week, and my character is pretty injured, so he’s bleeding a lot, profusely, so that was my wrapping gift.

Other The man from the north wrapping gifts include a sword given to Nicole Kidman, three Icelandic horses given to Icelander Björk, and a full-size Viking longship now owned by Willem Dafoe. However, despite the prestige of the other gifts, Alexander Skarsgård’s thong is probably the most memorable keepsake.


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