The strange history of Hotel Cecil and what it is today


While the hotel was still closed, Peet Montzingo moved in across the street. He said he witnessed strange occurrences and documented them for his YouTube channel.

Peet Montzingo.

Peet Montzingo/YouTube

Content creator Peet Montzingo moved into an apartment across from the Hotel Cecil, which had been closed since 2017. He didn’t know much about the Cecil when he moved, but it’s since become an important part of his life.

With four large windows overlooking the front of the hotel, Peet often filmed YouTube and TikTok videos of what he described as strange and inexplicable activity. According to his footage, the balcony doors would open and close unexpectedly, the curtains would move and the lights in the room would come on. Additionally, he said he saw many apparitions and shadows in the windows of the hotel.

“The first thing I saw was a man on a balcony smoking a cigar. It was 2 a.m. and it looked like he was looking at me,” Peet told Insider. “I ran from side to side of my apartment to see if his head was following me and it was indeed.”

Peet speculated that it could be a figment of his imagination, a homeless man who walked in, or even a ghost.

Another time, Peet said he saw the silhouette of a person hanging on the top floor of the hotel.

“I didn’t call the cops because the hotel was closed, so I didn’t want it to sound like I was delusional,” he said. In a video, he said the shadow disappeared hours later.

Lisa Rios, communications project manager at Skid Row Housing Trust, which now manages the building, said four people lived in the building between 2017 and 2021 but were unaware of a death that occurred in that time.


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