These Photos of 2022’s Full ‘Snow Moon’ Are Absolutely Stunning


The snow moon dominated the night sky on Wednesday, February 16. Thanks to the hard work of talented photographers, you can see it in incredible detail.

The suit 2022′snow moon‘ appeared in the sky last night for viewers around the world, and as always, many talented photographers captured the lunar beauty in incredible detail. While there are some things in outer space that require professional telescopes to view, other objects can be seen with the naked eye. Complex constellations, occasional sightings of Mars and the passing ISS, there’s plenty to see if you just take a moment to look.

The Moon is also visible in the sky above. Although it is over 230,000 miles from Earth, the Moon is often clearly visible using only your eyes. This is especially true when it’s a full moon. Once a month the Sun, Earth and Moon align just right so that the Moon is perfectly illuminated in the night sky. This happened on January 17 with the Wolf Moon and again on February 16 with the last Snow Moon.


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If you weren’t lucky enough to see the full snow moon last night, the good news is that it will still be mostly visible tonight, February 17. Also, many people took great photos of the full moon last night that you can see right now. One of the best full moon photos comes from astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy captured the photo above from his backyard, showing the Snow Moon in incredible detail. Its many craters are clearly visible, as are the hues of red and blue. While the version of the photo here is compressed, McCarthy’s original photo is 170MP wide!

Other Incredible Full Snow Moon 2022 Photos

photo credit: Nasa

Of course, that’s not the only photo of Snow Moon taken last night. Astronauts aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavor captured the image above, showing the Snow Moon towering over pesky clouds on Earth. It appears as a very faint circle in the distance, a reminder of just how tiny the Moon really is compared to the vastness of space.

Another great photo of Snow Moon comes from @Yosnier_ on Twitter. They uploaded some photos of the full moon and, using a bit of editing magic with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, gave it a warm and fiery look that is absolutely mesmerizing. It’s a more artistic than 100% accurate photo, but that doesn’t stop it from being less beautiful.

Seeing the Moon against the dark sky is great, but it doesn’t offer much context about the actual size of the Snow Moon. Photographer Ray Mackey captured this perfectly with his full moon photo. Mackey captured the setting of the snow moon with the backdrop of St John’s, Newfoundland. It looks absolutely gigantic here, and its beauty alongside neighboring buildings creates a calming scene like no other.

Going from calm to weird is exactly what photographer Jamie Reynolds did with his Snow Moon photos. It was particularly cloudy in parts of the world last night, and Reynolds shows it perfectly in their shots of the Moon. The snow moon is seen peeking out from behind heavy clouds in the evening sky, giving it a truly haunting look.

And, last but not least, we have some Snow Moon photos from astrophotographer Rami Ammoun. Ammoun’s photos are simply stunning. The first image shows the Snow Moon alongside wandering clouds and the branches of a tree. Coupled with countless stars and a bright yellow glow around it, the snow moon is amazingly depicted here. Ammoun also shared a close-up view of the same photo, further emphasizing the fine details of the entire surface of the Moon.

As mentioned above, the snow moon will mainly be visible throughout the evening of Thursday, February 17. Additionally, space fans will be able to see next month’s full moon – the Worm Moon – when it appears in the sky on March 18.

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Source: Andrew McCarthy, Nasa

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