Two Capital bands are making their mark on the Columbus music scene


Capital University has always had a fairly large and well-equipped music department; however, the experience of studying and going to class may not equal going out and making music out of passion. Thus, some Capital students took a more independent approach.

The groups 99 Horizons and Noise Control began to gain recognition in Columbus. They both performed at the Downtown Columbus Basement on Saturday night, January 22, as well as other performances in the weeks and months prior.

99 Horizons is made up of two Capital students: lead singer Jack Babel, a third-year music technology student; bassist Zach Basselman, a third-year student majoring in political science, philosophy and minoring in journalism; and drummer Joey McManus, a third-year student at Columbus College of Art and Design majoring in film and video.

It all started after a band Babel and McManus formed in high school lost their spark and fell apart, once various members moved on to attend college. So they decided to start from scratch.

Babel described the best part of being in 99 Horizons is the chance to perform in front of a crowd.

“The best part is being able to perform. I think any musician will agree that stepping on stage playing in front of people is like being in another world,” Babel said. “It’s amazing…musicians compare playing a gig to having sex – you talk more about doing it than actually doing it.”

The other band, Noise Control, originally started with only bassist, Ivan, and lead guitarist, Kenny, neither of whom went to Capital. The pair had been recording at Blackmoon for some time when they met Cam Howard, now a Noise Control drummer and a third-year music technology student.

One thing led to another, and soon enough, Howard successfully auditioned for the band and landed the role of drummer.

“[The best part of being in Noise Control is that] everyone is very focused on literally having fun playing music and that’s the only goal… 90% of the time [other bands] don’t check their egos at the door, then everyone takes themselves too seriously,” Howard said. “The worst thing is…having to move equipment in and out of tiny rooms in the freezing cold.”

Getting the gig at The Basement (Noise Control’s third show and 99 Horizon’s second) wasn’t the easiest process in the world for either band. Frankie Soleil was the headliner, and his band’s drummer/producer also plays guitar for Noise Control on occasion, which is how Noise Control was able to open for Soleil.

Now Babel and Howard are friends, and when we learned there was another slot for an opening for Frankie Soleil. Howard vouched for Babel, and the powers that be also gave 99 Horizons the green light.

Ongoing projects for 99 Horizons include their debut EP and trying to perform at as many shows as possible. Noise Control plans to record new music beginning in February 2022 and potentially perform in Nashville on March 4.

  • Josh Conturo

    Josh Conturo is a reporter for the Chimes and is a fourth-year student in emerging media with a focus on journalism, and loves all things cars, coffee, and comedy.


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