Varanasi man detained for sending obscene videos to town lawyer



MRA Marg police arrested a 35-year-old worker from Varanasi for sending obscene images and videos to a town lawyer. The accused, Naushad Alam, was charged with sexual abuse and sentenced under sections 354 (indecent exposure of a woman) and 67 (transmission of obscene material in electronic form) of the Technology Act. ‘information.

The 30-year-old complainant (name withheld to protect her identity) works for a Fort-area law firm. At first she was shocked, but then as the messages didn’t stop, she turned to the police to file a complaint.

Alam confessed to sending his own nude images and videos to the woman, whom he claimed not to know. However, he deleted the files he sent to the victim. Police confiscated her phone and sent it to Kalina’s forensic lab to retrieve deleted files.

Investigator, PSI Rohit Rasam used his technical knowledge to arrest Alam from his hometown and brought him before a local magistrate, after which he was taken to Mumbai (through a remand order).

While a further investigation is underway, the accused was taken into custody until December 21.

A detection official linked to the case on condition of anonymity said: “The accused found the woman’s number online. Nowadays there is a data breach and personal information, including numbers, is readily available on the Internet. He has no history of or involvement in criminal matters.

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Posted on: Tuesday December 21st, 2021 08:29 IST



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