Violette_FR Bisou Balm Review and Photos


I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist, in beauty or in life. But the Baume Violette_FR Bisou is perhaps slowly converting me into a simpler routine. I’m generally a fan of lipstick, but during the pandemic I’ve been searching for the best balms, tints, and tints to apply when I take off my mask (and to soothe my chronically dry lips, which haven’t worse over the past two years due to stress licking). Most of them are pretty enough (and help with hydration) but still leave a lipstick-sized hole in my heart.

Enter the Baume Bisou. It falls somewhere between a balm and a matte lipstick, and the brand describes it as a “satisfying natural shade.” It’s meant to create the effect of a just-kissed lip — hence the name — and comes in three shades: a neutral pink, a browny-nude, and a muted coral.

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The brand is the brainchild of make-up artist Violette, who I’ve been obsessed with since college. She put a cool twist on the classic “French beauty” her signature. Think rococo-inspired blush, lime green glitter and graphic navy liner, as well as classic red lips and glowing skin. Her makeup philosophy fits well with mine – unexpected yet wearable – so I knew I was going to be obsessed before trying it on.

I was right, and at the first try, I knew that the Baume Violette_FR Bisou was something special – my colleague Charm The Beauty Awards judges agree, as it took home the crown for Best Lasting Lip Product. It has a really different texture to anything I’ve tried before; it’s kind of matte and hydrating at the same time, but it barely feels like you’re wearing anything. It’s not at all sticky, greasy, or cloying, unlike most softer or shiny products I’ve tried in the past.


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