Why Marvel’s first sex scene is the keystone of Eternals history


Marvel’s first feature-length sex scene in Eternals is the keystone of history. While Eternals isn’t the first Marvel project to feature a sex scene (there are several sex scenes featured on Netflix shows, especially in Jessica jones), its importance and seriousness reverberate throughout the film, until the end. The scene in question shows Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan) of Eternal, having sex in ancient Mesopotamia at the start of the film, after their arrival and their introduction to humanity, which they were responsible for guiding and protecting by the Celestials. .

Love is a common thread in many films because it is one of the most sought after and valued emotions that is at the root of humanity. In Eternals, the concept of intimate and romantic love is central to everything, not only with Sersi and Ikaris, but also with Phastos and her human husband (who features the first LGBTQ + kiss in a Marvel movie). Thena (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Don Lee) also have a loving bond, as Gilgamesh offers to protect Thena when she is afflicted with Mahd Wy’ry, a dementia-like affliction due to long-term stress on them. memories of an Eternal. Druig (Barry Keoghan) and Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) also have a romantic connection, although it is less explored in the film. Finally, Sprite (Lia McHugh), an Eternal in the Body of a Child, is shown yearning for adult love, carrying the torch of Ikaris, even though she feels a relationship is out of reach (she is more later compared to Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan story by Kingo).


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Romantic love is a revolving door in Eternals, but not all characters get the same spotlight as Ikaris and Sersi. Once their initial bond is formed, Ikaris and Sersi advance their relationship, from an embrace and a kiss to sex in the wilderness, which forms an eternal bond that will last for centuries. This bond is forged by their love for each other and is born out of mutual respect, which comes full circle in the finale and leads to a result that otherwise would never have happened without their intimate moment (and the moments invisible) together. This is the keystone of the story, as it determines the end result of the Eternals’ mission to Earth, becoming the deciding factor between success or failure.

Ikaris and Sersi’s sex scene in Eternals explained

marvel eternal mcu ikaris sersi richard madden gemma chan

Gemma Chan’s Sersi has been interested in humanity from the beginning, helping them to plant crops and bond with them in their daily activities, from making food, clothing, care, customs. and learning their language. Like an anthropologist, Sersi immerses herself in the lives of humans and it becomes clear that she has a love and affection for them beyond what other Eternals share. Ikaris, in turn, falls in love with Sersi, apparently watching her interact with humanity. He too begins to learn their language and immerse himself in their world, though primarily to win Sersi’s heart rather than a natural desire to be a part of humanity’s existence.

Why the MCU has never had a real sex scene before

Netflix shows notwithstanding, which have been hinted at as non-canonical, there has never been a sex scene in the MCU movie before. Eternals. The movies were all rated PG-13, but that mostly applies to violence, some darker themes, and language. While there have been romantic entanglements including Black Widow and Bruce Banner, Captain America and Peggy Carter (as well as Sharon Carter), Scarlet Witch and Vision, Thor and Jane Foster, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Black Panther and Nakia, Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, Spider-Man and MJ, Star-Lord and Gamora, and so on, none of them went beyond a kiss or an on-screen hug. The reason, simply, is that it wasn’t a factor that played into any of the previous stories to a degree that needed to be portrayed. Beyond that, the material wasn’t particularly suited to an audience looking to explore this arena (especially a younger audience), especially when the main draw was superpowers, special effects, and more storytelling. large than life.

Why Eternals’ sex scene is so important to its story

Ikaris, Sersi

The whole mission of the Eternals on Earth is to guide and protect humanity, although it is revealed later in the film that this is for a very different reason than they originally thought. Ikaris and Sersi both come to Earth with a blank slate (as it is revealed that their minds are erased and their memories are stored out of the world for later study between missions to various planets), with their mutual attraction triggering even before their landing on Earth. Once there, however, it is humanity that leads them to the consummation of this love, forming a lasting bond not only for each other but for life.

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After believing that their main threat, the Deviants, are all defeated, Ikaris and Sersi eventually go their separate ways and don’t see each other for very long. When reunited to fend off the new Deviant threat, Ikaris remembers his love for Sersi, confessing it to him in the same place where they made love centuries ago. However, once the real truth of the mission is revealed to the rest of the Eternals, Ikaris decides she must move forward, even if that means killing her fellow Eternals to ensure emergence. Faced with this option with Sersi, Ikaris cannot bring himself to kill her. His love for Sersi, which solidified at the intimate point of their relationship in Babylon, will not allow him to kill her, which in turn allows him to complete the task of stopping the emergence. Without his love for her, Ikaris could easily have killed or stopped her, as he did with the other Eternals.

Eternals shows Hollywood how sex scenes are done

The marriage of the eternal Ikaris and Sersi

For a PG-13 sex scene in an MCU movie, Eternals gets the privacy aspect right. Ikaris and Sersi make love in the desert, make eye contact with each other, and confess their love for each other is rare, but achievable for humans. The scene in question does not want to be too explicit, but does not turn away from the nature of the act either. Passion and love is shown on an intimate scale, rather than a more raw and unwavering look, which can typically be found in any variety of adult streaming shows, such as Euphoria Where Unsafe. That’s not to say that there is nothing wrong with the way sex is portrayed on these shows, but Eternals shows that a PG-13 rating can show off passionate, tasteful sex without resorting to basic titillation, even in a big budget Marvel superhero movie.

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