Why Sydney Sweeney was terrified filming this euphoric scene


As difficult as “Euphoria” can be to watch, it can also be difficult for the actors to film. One particularly biting scene in the Season 2 premiere (spoiler alert!) found Sydney Sweeney’s character Cassie secretly hooking up with her best friend Maddy’s (Alexa Demie) ex-boyfriend, Nate. (Jacob Elordi). While Nate and Cassie are enjoying a bathroom date at a New Year’s Eve party, Maddy knocks on the door and bursts in, forcing Cassie to hide in the shower, hoping Maddy won’t find out. not.

Sweeney told Decider that filming the scene was “terrifying,” especially since Demie’s performance cemented Maddy as someone who shouldn’t be crossed paths with. “Alexa [Demie] was on the other side of the door knocking the whole time and I was just like, ‘Oh my god, if I was really in this situation, I would freak out,’ Sweeney said. “So Cassie was freaking out.”

Although Sweeney is able to channel herself into the moment as Cassie, she knows the importance of putting distance between herself and her chaotic persona once the scene is over.

“I’m able to jump in and out… [I] basically breaking down all the protective walls. It’s a very healthy method for me,” Sweeney told The Wall Street Journal. She said that if she had to stay in Cassie’s emotional state of mind before each scene, she wouldn’t be able to log off and go home. she “in a healthy way” once she was done filming for the day.


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