Woman’s body found near Andrea’s murder scene | Additional News


ALMOST a year to the day the body of Registrar Andrea Bharatt was found in a precipice on Aripo Heights in Wallerfield, the decomposing body of another woman was found at the scene.

The latest discovery was made on Friday evening when a beekeeper came across the body in a track set back from the road.

Until last night, the police said they did not know the identity of the victim.

However, they said they believe the woman was killed several days ago and her body dumped at the scene.

Investigators said at around 5:15 p.m. the beekeeper drove to the scene and turned onto a track on the east side of the road.

After walking about 75 feet, he saw the semi-naked body lying face down.

He contacted the police.

Detectives from the Region II Homicide Investigation Bureau attended the scene with a district physician and the body was transported to a funeral home.

Officers said that since they do not know the identity of the victim, they are asking relatives of the recently missing women to come forward in an attempt to identify the person.

Yesterday marked one year since Bharatt was kidnapped after leaving her workplace at Arima Magistrate’s Court.

On February 4, her body was discovered at the precipice by a man who police said was searching the area for scrap metal.

The following day, a massive search was conducted in the area by members of the police, fire, defense forces and hunters association believing the place was being used by criminals as a dumping ground.

During this search, human skeletal remains were found in a thick wooded area a few meters from where Bharatt’s body was.


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